5 Hero M2 That Are Very Effective Mobile Legends (ML)

This time M2 offers many of the best games with an attractive pick too. Of the various heroes used, this very effective M2 hero makes many teams very strong.

Some of the heroes are quite surprising like Hanzo and Alucard who appeared in the hands of RSG. However, other teams have not shown their pocket strategy yet and are using a hero that is not varied.

This is because these heroes are very strong and effective for many teams. In fact, it often appears on the M2 tire pick. It has been proven effective to be used by many players who have reaped success in their respective fields.

Maybe this can be a reference for those of you who want to play rank. Even though they are different in meta and how to play, these heroes have proven terrible in M2, especially in the hands of great players.

For those of you who are curious about who are the most effective M2 heroes you can see below;

  1. Lapu-Lapu
  2. Esmeralda
  3. Pharsa
  4. Yu Zhong
  5. Benedetta

I pay attention to esports, yes, they are very strong and almost appear every game. They can have a high impact on the team and their game. Their impact is no joke.

Below you will try to pay attention to these heroes. Will it continue to appear again in the playoffs or not. It looks like it will appear again considering they are high impact heroes.


Lapu-Lapu is terrible at the moment and is probably the best hero to use. Lapu-Lapu is a hero with high damage and high sustain too. Many effective players use it.


Already nerfed, still strong. Esmeralda is seen being used several times by many teams thanks to its high sustain. Esmeralda is also an independent hero and can be left on the lane alone.


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Pharsa is a very powerful controller in terms of map control and zoning. Being able to move fast and have extensive damage makes it very suitable for use by pro players.

Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong is almost always picked or banned by many teams. This is thanks to his very strong initiation and setup power. For pro teams, this is very important for teamfights that often occur.


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Benedetta is definitely a must-use if the opportunity arises. He has high damage and sustain as well as very high mobility as well. Being able to be a tank, carry, assassin, and others makes it popular to use.

From the heroes above, it can be seen that the most popular ones are those who have a large flex or are effective at one point. There are no heroes that can be used. Especially in M2 where they shouldn’t waste time.

Some of the very effective M2 heroes above are very popular to use. They are quite gruesome and definitely a good fit. It is estimated that in the playoffs they will often appear again.

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