5 Important Ganking Points in Mobile Legends, ML Players Must Learn!

When you do mobile legends, there are certainly a lot of things that you should pay attention to here. Some of these things will be benchmarks for your success or the results of your ganking. By ganking you will give mobile legends space to your team and also turn off the opponent’s hero. This time there are Important Ganking Points in Mobile Legends that you should pay attention to when becoming a ganker expert

This important factor will apply to all hero gankers, of course, be it a ganker or a roamer. By learning this you can implement it very effectively and efficiently. You can also pay attention to some things here and learn to counter gank by your opposing team. Therefore it is very important for you.

before practicing, bro, try to understand these 5 important things. You can see below;

  1. Hero composition
  2. There must be a gank result
  3. Profitable trade
  4. Don’t be blind
  5. Create space

By understanding the 5 important things that have been prepared by my Esports, you will be able to run smoother when you play later. Of course, the right ganking can provide very high benefits for the team.

Here we will provide important things that you must know and pay attention to when ganking in Mobile Legends. These things will be the basics of your ganking if you want to be better at and understand about Mobile Legends ganking.


The important thing that you must pay attention to when ganking is the composition of the hero. This includes the heroes you use, the heroes who will join you, the heroes who will be ganged up on, and the possible heroes who will help the target. There is a lot that you have to think about because this will help your success.

The most important thing when ganking is the hero you use and ganking is a suitable hero. A suitable hero like a hero who has a lot of strong CC and burst is the main choice. Some of these heroes are even packaged and some don’t and force you to bring lots of heroes.

This is very important because you have to take into account many things like whether if you bring 2 heroes for ranking the results will be commensurate. Or also can you succeed by ganking without CC and others.


Surely when you do the ranking the most important thing is to get results. But this is a bit ambiguous, what is the best result when ganking? Obviously the answer is kill, but not all ganking without kill means failure.

The main thing you have to remember is that not all of your ganks will run smoothly because many factors can bother you. Prioritize indeed to get a kill, but if you can provide space with harass or just waste your opponent’s time it has been counted successful.


Trade will also be very important for you to pay attention to when ganking. By making good trades you can benefit your team. An example is sacrificing roamer when ganking for their marksman hero, this has been considered successful. From priorities alone it is clear that marksman is more important than roamer.

Apart from killing there are still many trades that you can do such as ganking to provide space when your team is pushing or giving space to the gank when your team does Lord. So kill is not important when ganking because in the end good trading will be the main factor.


When you do a gang, don’t be blind and have vision and reason when ganking. An example is when there is a marksman hero who is offside, maybe he is a tantalizing target but all of his teams are missing, not even seen in the jungle or lord buff.

People who have common sense will certainly know if this is a bait to lure gankers. Therefore the roamer’s job will be very important to find info and sweep the map.


From all of the above, it is still important that the space for your core is important. Gankers are in charge of disturbing the enemy so that your cores have no trouble and are safe when doing farming so always create space for your cores. Even if you need to die to provide space for the core hero, this has been considered successful.

Those are the things that need to be considered when ganking in Mobile Legends. This is very important because by paying attention to these things you will make the task easier by focusing on the core problems of your team.

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