5 M24 locations in Miramar PUBG Mobile

M24 is one of the snipers provided at PUBG Mobile. Its deadly performance makes this sniper a favorite. For you M24 users, this time we will provide information about 5 places to find M24 in Miramar to make it easier for you to find that favorite sniper.

There are various types of weapons provided at PUBG Mobile which are presented complete with detailed specifications. That gives each weapon different stats and uses. Weapon selection must be based on an understanding of the stats of the various weapons. Then selected according to the style of play in the game.

For those of you who like to play in long-range attacks, your main weapon option is a long-range weapon such as a sniper or DMR. One of the favorite snipers that can be found on the map is the M24.

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5 Places to Find M24 in Miramar

PUBG Mobile provides 4 large maps which have their own characteristics. One of them is Miramar, which has a characteristic arid desert setting. The Miramar map size is 8x8km.

Close combat can be done at Miramar. Not only that, the wide field allows snipers to have free space to aim. So here are 5 places to find M24 in Miramar for you sniper users.

1. San Martin

The first place in Miramar where there is a potential to find the M24 sniper is San Martin. Located in the northern area of ​​the Miramar map, this large city of San Martin is filled with houses nearby.

The loot items in this place are available in the residential building. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to find loot items in this place. However, if you succeed in looting quality items, you can find them. Including finding the M24 sniper.

2. Chumacera

The second place is Chumacera which is located in the southwest area of ​​the Miramar map. Chumacera is a large enough city that provides loot items. Here, players can find loot items in residential areas even though they are sometimes quite rare. So you can find the M24 sniper in the Chumacera area.

3. El Pozo

The next place in Miramar that has the potential to get the M24 is El Pozo. The location is in the northwest area of ​​the Miramar map. El Pozo is a large city that provides abundant and quality loot items.

In fact, there is a large supply of loot items here, reportedly sufficient for the supply of 3 squad loot items. Under these conditions El Pozo could be a suitable place to get an M24 sniper.

4. Pecado

The next place is Pecado which is said to be Miramar’s Pochinki. The location is in the center of the Miramar map. Pecado is a small town that provides quality loot items. Naturally, many players choose Pecado as their landing place.

With these conditions, Pecado is a suitable place to find the M24 sniper. But you have to be vigilant if you want to boot here. Because the small town of Pecado is quite busy.

5. Hacienda del Patron

The last place in Miramar where you could find the M24 sniper is the Hacienda del Patron. This place is located near San Martin, located in the northern area of ​​the Miramat map. Although Hacienda del Patron is a small town, it provides an adequate supply of loot, which is not abundant.

For solo mode play, Hacienda del Patron is the place for players to fight 1v1 battles at Miramar. Even though it has the potential to find M24, it is best if you find it, you should immediately move to avoid the fight at the beginning of the game.

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Those are the 5 places to find M24 in Miramar for you sniper users. With the arid terrain, Miramar is a great place for snipers to hone their shooting skills. Thank you!