5 Mistakes Often Made by Carry ML in Mobile Legends

In the Mobile Legends game, there are various roles and types of players in a match, starting from offlaner, midlaner, safelaner and also carry, so here are some mistakes that Carry often makes in the Mobile Legends game.

Carry is a term for players who are able to carry or carry a team in a match. Player carry is usually a hero assassin or marksman and has the highest KDA with the most kills.

Carry is indeed not an easy role considering that you are easily left behind if you make a mistake. Understand this carry role so that later you can become an even better carry.

On this occasion, there were several mistakes for Carry players when playing in Mobile Legends. For those of you who like to look for teams and are still making the following problems, you have to make improvements!

5 Mistakes That Are Often Made Carry in Mobile Legends

Over Farming

The mistake of the first Carry ML player was Over Farming. Carry is indeed the type to do farming, but doing too much farming is a pretty fatal mistake.

When you become a Carry, don’t do too much farming, you should do farming moderately and quickly, you have to compensate by getting as many kills as possible.

Have a High Ego!

The next mistake of the Carry ML user is having high selfishness. When playing as a carry, as much as possible to avoid mistakes and blame other players.

Most Carry users in Mobile Legends look like kids and often blame other users. For example, when the Tank died a lot even though the death was caused because Carry was unable to follow up.

The role of Carry in the Mobile Legends game is very much, therefore, if you cannot become Carry, then don’t blame others for your own inability.

Stingy Sharing Creeps

Creeps are very important to get exp and gold quickly. Even though the Carry user must level up quickly, the elite when yeasting creeps with other heroes is a fatal ML carry error.

In this case Support is recommended to get creeps in the early game because it can provide follow up and maintain the turret more efficiently, on the contrary, for you Carry users, it’s better to do farming first in the early game.


Too spoiled

User Carry in Mobile Legends is currently very spoiled. The reason is quite clear. When playing Carry, they usually ask for things.

For example, asking creeps not to be finished and asking for a large area of ​​farming. Often asks to keep buffs from opponents and complain about other things. Too spoiled is a carry error in Mobile Legends.


The last carry error in Mobile Legends is Feeder. Being a carry is certainly not an easy thing. Especially when the enemy has targeted the Carry hero as their main target, the feeder is in sight.

In a match, to counter hero Carry is the key to victory. When your opponent doesn’t have a Carry hero, teamfight will win. Therefore, avoid every attack to avoid the feeder, especially for those of you who are the carry on the Mobile Legends team.

So, those are some of the mistakes that Carry often makes in the Mobile Legends game. Avoiding these mistakes can increase your cary skills in Mobile Legends.

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