5 ML heroes not suitable for meta season 15 in Mobile Legends

Getting here, Mobile Legends has presented lots of interesting new heroes to play. Heroes – These heroes have a very strong ability, so they can beat other heroes easily. This is usually called the Hero Meta, where the Hero becomes the season’s winner because of his Overpowered abilities. This time there is a ML Hero Not Suitable for Meta Season 15 Mobile Legends

When Moonton releases a new hero, usually the hero’s abilities and skills are very strong and overpowering. For example, like Carmilla, which was released yesterday, the ability of Hero Support is beyond reason. Even though it has Role Support, the resulting ability is almost the same as a Mage in general.

Even his Skill 1 can make Carmilla immune from death, just like Ultimate Argus. So that now Carmilla is one of the heroes who is very Overpowered and Meta in Mobile Legends. But do you know? In the past, there were also several Hero Meta, but now they are not included in the meta list anymore.

The existence of this hero has even been completely alienated. On this occasion we will provide a list of heroes who are no longer able to fight in Meta Mobile Legends now. Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Hero ML is not suitable for meta season 15 in Mobile Legends

  1. Layla

Marksman and at the same time the first hero who is not strong enough to fight in Meta is Layla. Even though Layla’s ability can shoot from a very long distance, the mechanics of this Hero are quite difficult. Because every skill of hers can’t make Layla run away easily.

Hero ML Not Suitable in Meta Season 15 Mobile Legends Layla is also very easy to be targeted by enemies, especially enemies Aldous. Layla Mobile Legends’s defense is also very low, different from other Marksman. Maybe one day, Moonton will give a new rework for this Layla hero.

  1. Alucard

Even though there are still a lot of users until now, the fact is that Alucard is too weak to beat the Meta Heroes in the current season. Getting here, the Fighter Mobile Legends heroes continue to grow and have even stronger abilities.

Alucard is indeed one of the strongest Figther, but now it is no longer valid. Even if Alucard has fed at the beginning of the game, then Alucard will find it difficult to develop and get worse.

  1. Eudora

This mage has a unique ability, and is even able to weaken the enemy’s Armor and Magical Defense. Eudora is still able to deal great damage until now, but the Meta Mage have started to easily target it.

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Eudora’s damage is able to make enemies immediately die, even death. But it is time for Eudora to rest, because now it is rarely used and is able to lose easily.

  1. Tigreal

Hero ML is not suitable for Meta Season 15 Mobile Legends tanks that have the Crowd Control effect are rarely used. This is because Tigreal has a short attack distance, and his Ultimate skill is able to be thwarted easily.

This Ultimate Tigreal skill will make all enemies gather in the middle and get stunned. Of course this can be a great turnaround, but unfortunately it’s very easy to fail. Slightly affected by the Crowd Control Effect, this skill breaks immediately.

  1. Saber

The last hero who is unable to fight in Meta anymore is Saber. This hero is often referred to as the Counter of all Assassins, but unfortunately now it is difficult to do something like that. The longer it takes, the more new Assassin heroes in Mobile Legends.

Saber’s ability is quite ancient, so it makes it easy for enemies to escape. This Ultimate Saber skill indeed locks 1 target with great damage, but when you do the Ulti it will become an easy target for other enemies.

So, those are some heroes who are no longer able to fight in the latest Meta Mobile Legends today. What do you think? Which hero should Moonton change or rework first?

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