5 Mobile Legends Optimization Updates for December 2020, What’s Coming?

Good news for Mobile Legends players because new updates will come. Mobile Legends, later optimization updates, which will greatly benefit almost all players. This update will make the game run smoother later on on all cellphones and of course more optimal.

With the arrival of this update, the most beneficial ones are potato cellphone users. The reason is because Mobile Legends will run smoother. Starting from reduced lag to faster loading. Therefore it is very important to update engine optimization like this.

There are 5 important aspects of updating which will benefit the players later. So we will explain everything about this. Therefore, read on down so you know and don’t get confused anymore. Yes, the point is that all players will benefit and be able to run Mobile Legends even more smoothly.

Here, let’s discuss the Mobile Legends optimization update which will certainly benefit all players. Whatever cellphone you use, everyone will benefit greatly here.

Mobile Legends Optimization Update

This time there are at least five interesting things that will come from this update. Now everything will be very helpful because it can improve your playing experience for the better. Therefore, don’t let you miss it and don’t know what will change later.


Moonton will also share the performance of pastiyna. Now the lag will be attempted to be reduced even further. Mobile Legends is planned to be very smooth in the game later. This will be governed by the game’s algorithm to give you the best possible settings for each phone.

Loading Efficiency

Of course, there are many who feel that the loading in Mobile Legends is rather not good. So here is an effort to make you play faster into the game. With faster loading, the players will benefit more when entering the game later.

Download Efficiency

The efficiency of downloading here will provide a lot of features. Starting from notice to download that is more optimal. For those of you who don’t download all the data, you will benefit more here thanks to packages that are easier to download. The speed is also promised to be 2x faster.

Crash Frequency Rate

You must have felt the name crash or stop respond. Now, Mobile Legends is already familiar with this. Finally, efforts were made to reduce the crash that occurred in Mobile Legends regarding crashes.


Finally, the main problem of Mobile Legends, namely recon to mainpage, is no longer there. Now when it updates if you recon it will be thrown into the game directly. There is no more stopping by the main page like before. This is very important so you don’t miss the game.

That’s information about the Mobile Legends optimization update which will certainly be very helpful. All players will benefit from an update that makes ML more optimal. Also follow our social media on Instagram.