5 Most Difficult Heroes to kill in Mobile Legends (ML)

If we discuss the hardest heroes to kill in Mobile Legends, of course we will immediately agree that tank heroes are the answer, but there are also several other heroes besides tanks who have strong durability and are hard to kill. On this occasion, Esportsku is the hardest hero to kill in Mobile Legends besides the tank hero.

The high durability of a hero will certainly make the hero very difficult to beat, now we will provide some of the hardest heroes to kill in Mobile Legends besides tanks. Of course, these heroes have strong abilities and you can play them.

Here is a list of heroes that are the hardest to kill in Mobile Legends besides tank heroes. Make sure you listen carefully.


The hardest hero to kill in the first Mobile Legends is Ruby, this one hero does have very good durability, not only that as a fighter hero he also has a very strong lifesteal.

With this high durability and lifesteal, Ruby will always regen in every attack, her cooldown skill is also very fast so that she can continuously attack and restore her HP.


Next is Lunox, although this one hero is a fragile mage hero, but with his abilities, Lunox is able to become the hardest hero to be killed in Mobile Legends.

Lunox’s ability to attack is also very deadly, in a state of urgency he can also issue an ultimate attack that can get immune abilities so that it will be very difficult to kill.


Next is the Argus hero who is one of the strongest fighter heroes and is even immortal if in his ultimate mode, Argus’s ability itself allows you to absorb attacks and make them additional HP.

But unfortunately this ability only lasts for a few seconds, and of course the next option if not in this mode is to just escape.


Next there is the hero Thamuz who is one of the best heroes as an offlaner, this one hero is certainly difficult to kill because he has a very high lifesteal and durability in Mobile Legends.

Thamuz is usually used as an offlaner, and of course this one hero has an area of ​​attack that is even visible so that it will be difficult for the opponent to avoid, this attack will give true damage and simultaneously manifest to the opponent.

Yu Zhong

Finally, Yu Zhong is one of the best heroes that you can use as an offlaner in Mobile Legends, just like Thamuz, this one hero also has very deadly and strong abilities.

Yu Zhong has a high lifesteal, great damage, and very strong durability. You can count on this one hero as an offlaner hero and also as a very good initiator.

Those are the most difficult heroes to kill in Mobile Legends that you can find out in Mobile Legends. Hopefully this review can be useful especially for those of you who are ML gamers. See you later. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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