5 Mystery Stories About The End Of The World That Are Appointed In The Film

A mystery story is something that is not known for sure but it attracts many people to research or find out. This mystery is usually related to events or events experienced by someone, but many of these mystery incidents are related to haunted places that have scary stories.

Behind the terrible story, there are a lot of these mystical stories that are lifted into a film, then what films are presenting this genre.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond (2020)

The film The Walking Dead tells of a group of heroic teenagers who want to protect the earth after a terrible apocalyptic incident, the message is that they have to leave their homes one by one to start a national journey to save the world.

American Horror Story (2011)

This series tells the story of past grudges in an old house where there used to be a gruesome murder. This horror drama emphasizes more on bloody scenes, so the recommended age for watching this American Horror story is 18 years and over.

Dark Desire (2020)

The main character of the film Dark Desire is named alma, the beginning of the story is that she is married to a very good man. Continues the story of him doing a honeymoon far from his home. During the trip, she found a strange thing that had happened to her husband. Then in his little heart he said, is he really my husband?

Dark (2017)

This dark film tells the story of the beginning of the loss of a child in a family. The family helps each other to find the little boy. In the middle of the story, they find a mystery that their minds cannot accept.

The mystery includes the connection between the disappearance of a child and a remote town in the region. will they succeed in finding the little boy?

The Haunting of Bly Manor (2020)

The film The Haunting of Bly Manor tells the story of the early death of a child caregiver. Henry the main character then looks for a new young babysitter to care for his young nephew who is an orphan.

In short, the house that looks like a palace owned by Mrs Grose is shrouded in strange events that have happened to her family, both many things that move by themselves and others. Then what happened to this family.

The following is a mystery story that is lifted into a drama mystery story that is good to watch on the weekend. Make sure if you want to watch it, don’t forget to watch it with friends. Because there are so many terrible scenes that are displayed by several of the film lists above. Hope all of you are entertained