5 Reasons Alucard Must Use Haas Claws Mobile Legends

Alucard is one of the fighter heroes with high lifesteal abilities in Mobile Legends. Alucard has also got a revamp from Moonton which makes Alucard even stronger. Using a suitable build item will make the performance even better. There is a reason Alucard must use Haas Claws Mobile Legends.

Because it has a high lifesteal ability, of course this must be utilized properly. This can make Alucard better at the level of his durability and also stronger to fight many enemy heroes at once in a gameplay. Haas Claws is one of the build items suitable for Alucard.

On this occasion, Esportsku will give an explanation about the reason why Alucard is obliged to use Haas Claws Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious about the reasons that oblige Alucard to use Hass Clawas in Mobile Legends, let’s see the full explanation below!

Esportsku has compiled a list that contains several reasons why Alucard is obliged to use the Haas Claws Mobile Legends item. For a list of these reasons, you can see below!

  • Making Alucard Lifesteal Better
  • Strong against many heroes at once
  • Matches Combined with Other Lifesteal Items
  • Cheap Haas Claws Prices
  • Makes Alucard’s Durability Better

So, those are some of the reasons why Alucard is obliged to use the Haas Claws build item in Mobile Legends. For a detailed explanation of each of the reasons above, you can see it below!

Making Alucard Lifesteal Better

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Alucard himself is indeed one of the heroes in Mobile Legends who has high lifesteal abilities. Alucard himself is very strong and can fight many heroes at once. Haas Claws itself can make damage from Alucard’s attack skills more painful and make his own lifesteal presentation even higher. If combined with other items, of course, it will make it even stronger.

Strong against many heroes at once

With a high lifesteal effect thanks to the use of Haas Claws in a gameplay by Alucard, it can make him strong enough to face many heroes at once. Haas claws will increase Alucard’s stat point and of course will make it even stronger, both in terms of durability and in terms of attack damage.

Matches Combined with Other Lifesteal Items

Haas Claws itself is very suitable to be combined with other lifesteal items in Mobile Legends. The good synergy between the build lifesteal items used by Alucard will of course make his Lifesteal even bigger. Items like endless battles and Queen’s Wings will make it even better the durability and damage from the attack skills.

Cheap Haas Claws Prices

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Haas Claws itself is also a lifesteal item that is quite cheap in Mobile Legends. Because of this low price, you can use Haas Claws items from the early game. You can use it as the first item after buying shoes.

With Haas Claws in the early game it can help you in terms of durability because it increases your lifesteal as well as in terms of damage because it will add your physical damage stat points. This item is very suitable for use by Alucard in gameplay.

Makes Alucard’s Durability Better

When it is late game and Alucard has used its full build items including Endless Battle and Queen’s Wings, it will make its lifesteal effect even more perfect. When combined with these two items, Haas Claws will make Alucard’s durability better and make him less likely to be killed even though he is ranked.

So that’s an explanation of why Alucard is obliged to use Haas Claws Mobile Legends, which I have discussed in Esports. Please try to use this item in a gameplay and feel the exciting sensation when playing Alucard!