5 Reasons for Benedetta Hero Meta in Mobile Legends (ML)

Benedetta is one of the heroes with role assassins that will soon be released on the Original Mobile Legends server. Benedetta is one of the heroes that assassin players have been waiting for because this hero is considered to have very cool skills and is very useful in a match. You need to know that there are several reasons that Benedetta will become a meta hero in Mobile Legends.

Benedetta herself has a very useful passive skill. He can charge and once it is fully charged can be used to attack opponents with dash attacks. In addition, this Hero has skills that can inflict considerable damage. Benedetta is certain to become a meta hero and will most likely become a top pick and top banned hero in Ranked mode itself.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the reasons for Benedetta to become a meta hero in Mobile Legends, so for those of you who are curious about the reasons that confirm that Benedetta will become a meta hero assassin in Mobile Legends, let’s just look at the full explanation below. this!

Reasons for Benedetta to Become a Meta Hero in Mobile Legends

Esportsku has done research on Mobile Legends and came to a conclusion about several reasons that will make this Benedetta hero enter the meta. This reason is very strong when you look at how the current meta is going on. For a list of the reasons for yourself, you can see and read below!

  1. Has a large enough damage
  2. Very Strong in the Early Game
  3. Has a Very Useful Passive Skill
  4. Has a deadly skill combo
  5. Natural Counter of All Heroes Crowd Control

So, those are some of the reasons that this assassin hero named Benedetta will become a meta hero in Mobile Legends. For an explanation of each point of the reason listed above, you can see it below!

Has a large enough damage

Benedetta is one of the heroes who entered the role of Assassin in Mobile Legends. The damage generated from the assassin hero is of course very large and can be used as a good damage dealer in a gameplay. This huge damage comes from each of Benedetta’s attack skills and the use of her Passive skill to increase her attack power. This is one of the reasons that makes Benedetta a meta hero when it is released on the original Mobile Legends server later.

Very Strong in the Early Game

Because Benedetta herself is a hero with a role assassin, of course this hero has enormous damage. When we tried to use it on an advanced server, it turned out that Benedetta could easily master early games. The damage generated during the Early game is very large and can even make the opponent killed easily. In addition, the use of passive skills can also increase your attack power when in the Early game. If you can take the one skill first, so you can use it to clear minions and attack your opponent.

Has a Very Useful Passive Skill

Benedetta’s own passive skill is a passive in the form of a charge where she can charge by holding down the basic attack button, when the charge has touched the red limit when you point it and release it will attack your opponent by dashing. This passive skill, of course, can be combined with every existing skill to create a great combo.

Has a deadly skill combo

Benedetta can easily defeat her enemies using her combo skill. You can use the one skill first to deal the initial damage, then use the ultimate skill. To still be able to attack your opponent, use his second skill and his passive skill as well. If done correctly you can make combo attack skills continuously.

Natural Counter of All Heroes Crowd Control

Benedetta herself is claimed to be the natural hero counter of all crowd control heroes in Mobile Legends. All skills in Benedetta can immune CC skills well. Even so, you still have to use it at the right timing in order to successfully counter your opponent’s CC skills.

So, that’s an explanation of why Benedetta will become the Meta hero in Mobile Legends that I have discussed in Esports. For those of you who want to play this hero, be patient, wait until the release time!