5 Reasons You Should Buy Starlight December 2020 Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends is one of the games that often presents Starlight skins every month. So in December 2020, you will get the latest cool starlight skin. Here are some reasons why you should buy a Starlight Member in December 2020.

Starlight Member is one of the special features presented by Moonton to give various attractive prizes in it by continuing to play. If in the Battle Royale game, surely you will get a Battle Pass every month. However, in the Mobile Legends game, you will get a Royale Pass with attractive prizes.

On this occasion, Esportsku will give you several reasons why you should buy a starlight member in December in the Mobile Legends game. Well, especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. We recommend that you consider the following reasons.

Why You Should Buy Starlight December 2020 Mobile Legends

  • The Gift of the Cool Yu Zhong Yang Skin
  • Aim for Starlight Gems
  • Great Battle Pass Bonus
  • Can Use Free Heroes and Skins in Rank!
  • Get Exclusive Border

The Gift of the Cool Yu Zhong Yang Skin

Most interestingly, this December, you will get a skin for Yu Zhong’s hero, whose newest skin is called Biohazard. Of course Yu Zhong himself currently only has normal skin. Which means the Starlight skin this time is the best skin it has. Of course, with the addition of various animation skills from Yu Zhong, of course you will be even more enthusiastic when playing in Mobile Legends.

Aim for Starlight Gems

Next is by eyeing Starlight Gems. Quite a number of players to buy starlight members only focus on getting starlight gems, which later you can exchange the starlight gems for several Annual Starlight skins for free. For example, Gord’s skin and also Hayabusa which you can only get by exchanging Starlight Gems. Of course, besides getting the main skin prize, you can also get additional prizes.

Great Battle Pass Bonus

For those of you who have bought Starlight Member in the previous month, it will certainly be very helpful to get various other attractive prizes every month. Starting from various items, skins, battle emotes and sacred statues you can get every day in Mobile Legends.

Can Use Free Heroes and Skins in Rank!

Which is interesting. You can also use several heroes and skins for free on a ranked match. So you don’t need to buy a Mobile Legends hero to play in rank. You only need to take advantage of the few heroes that are included in the free rotation every week in the Starlight Member package.

Get Exclusive Border

The last reason is to get Starlight Member Exclusive Border Avatars, which you can only get with Starlight only. Of course it’s not that special. But this broder will appear in the hero display before you play and give a good impression.

So, those are some of the reasons you must buy Starlight Member this December. However, if you have a mediocre budget, we don’t recommend buying it. Fulfill your primary needs first before secondary needs such as Top Up in Mobile Legends.