5 strongest heroes in Mobile Legends 2020, so they are not overpowered!

Previously we talked about ML heroes who really need buffs, now is the time for us to talk about heroes who are too strong and need to be nerfed. Of the many meta heroes that have various uses, there are some of these heroes who are so strong that they can even enter into any strategy. Now we will explain about the strongest mobile legends hero.

These heroes are too strong and even obliged to be banned because they are very problematic. This certainly spoils the competitive scene of Mobile Legends. as the strongest hero contender, of course not without reason.

Here we will provide the 5 strongest heroes in Mobile Legends. These heroes are too strong and don’t even provide space for other heroes to fill their places.


Of all the mobile legends fighter hero roles in Mobile Legends, Silvanna is the most absurd. It has sustain, shield, lifesteal, lockdown, slow, stun, burst, and high DPS. This doesn’t make sense because Silvanna almost has all the characteristics of a hero. In fact, he will not lose and have a counter on the lane. The only easy way to defeat Silvanna is to buy anti-heal items or use Esmeralda. That’s why this Hero is one of the strongest heroes of mobile legends, because it has a lot of utilities to use.


It is not without reason that Granger has been named the strongest and most broken marksman in the game. Granger has burst, DPS, dash, range, and is very deadly in the late game. As a marksman, this is quite dangerous because if Granger manages to get all of his items, it is almost certain that he will not lose the game. In MPL even Granger has the best winrate. The strongest hero of mobile legends on this one, is a widely used Hyper carry.


Best Ling ML Item Build for 2020 Mobile Legends

As the strongest assassin in the game, Ling has a lot of tools in his pocket. Ling has a high iframe, lethal bursts, the highest mobility in the game, and a very high carry capability. Ling, who often enters the auto tire ranks if he passes the tire and is picked up by the right hand, is almost auto-win. As an assassin, he is considered the strongest hero of mobile legends and is deadly compared to other assassins.


Diggie is the strongest support at the moment. It has chaotic CC, easy-to-use intel, and also effective anti-cc in teamfight. A team that has a strong Diggie will easily win in the game. As full support it will be very difficult to teamfight, push, or gank against Diggie.

Diggie himself has experienced nerf in this new season. However, is the nerf enough to balance the game? Well, a little more nerf maybe Diggie won’t be the strongest hero of mobile legends like now.


New Valir Build September After Being Revamped

Even though he is not picked as often as Pharsa and Harith, there are things that make Valir obliged to be nerfed. The reason is quite easy, as a mage he has all the characteristics of a mage. Valir has burst, poke, DoT, AoE, CC, and anti-tank. He is too strong now in the right team. Luckily, Valir doesn’t have escape skills or mobility.

Those are the 5 strongest heroes in Mobile Legends in the next patch. As heroes, these 5 heroes are too strong and overpowered. Besides having too many tools in their skillset to be a major factor.

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