5 strongest ML tank item combo in Mobile Legends, 2 items make it really thick!

In addition to the marksman item combo, you can also play combo items for tank heroes in Mobile Legends. The following defense items can be used to counter various heroes at once with only two items.

Combo items are a combination of two defense items in Mobile Legends, you can use 6 items at once in Mobile Legends. Now, by combining them, these items will complement each other and provide the perfect defense for tank heroes.

The strongest ML Tank item combo in Mobile Legends

This time some combo item defense for the strongest Tank hero in Mobile Legends. Just using these two items is enough to fight many heroes.

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Antique Cuirass + Blade Armor

The first anti marksman item that you can use is Antique Cuirass which you can combine with Blade Armor.

These two items are special items to add a special Basic Attack to reduce Physical hero marksman. Using both of them can make you survive various physical attacks, especially the marksman hero in the late game.

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Oracle + Guardian Helmet

Suitable for Tank heroes who really don’t want to recall, you can use these two defense items. Oracle is an item to strengthen Regen. His own ability increases the shield from absord attacks and gives HP Regen 30%.

Then the Guardian Helmet has a unique skill that can restore HP as much as 1.5% when you get an assassin or kill from an enemy. Of course, throughout the game there will be many heroes who lose, right? So the more heroes who fall, the more regen effects you will get.

Dominance Ice + Thunder Belt

The master of Crowd Control items are these two items. Dominance Ice is able to reduce the opponent’s Attack Speed ​​so that it will be very suitable for fighting heroes of this type, then there is a Thunder Belt which gives a slow ranged effect to the enemy. These two items if matched will be very perfect and able to be a strong defense for the Tank hero.

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Immortality + Athena Shield

These two items are very mandatory for tank heroes. Immortality gives a Resurect effect when you lose and Athena Shield provides Shield protection from various attacks, especially mage attacks.

Using these two items is able to make the hero tank very strong and can withstand both physical and magic attacks.

Twilight Armor + Brute Force Breastplate

A master at counting heor stack like Aldous or Claude. These two combos are specifically for fighting Stack and Burst Damage hero types.

Twilinght Armor is an item to withstand attacks with a large Burst Type HP damage and critical reduction. If you combine it with Brute Force Breastplate, it will be very perfect and able to withstand the hero stack, especially if the enemy uses the hero Aldous or Claude.

So, those are the strongest tank item combos that you can use in Mobile Legends. May be useful.