5 Tips for Free Fire Beginners to Win Tournament FF, Easy!

Until now, the total number of players in the Android game continues to increase to a lot more, of course it shows that the games on this platform are also quite good and interesting. The developments given too, are not all bad for you to play. For example, if you want to try an exciting game, you can immediately download Free Fire right now.

In this game there are lots of interesting things, so we will definitely feel bored when playing. In the future there are also many other new things, so this game will be even more exciting. Not only that, those of you who are beginners can try the Beginner Tips for Playing Free Fire today.

If you are still early on in playing the Free Fire game, don’t forget to try the Free Fire Character Feature. Because before the match, you are told to use 1 character and the combination. So that when you compete later, you don’t have difficulty playing.

In the future, Garena will also provide many new things, so that players in this game don’t get bored. Even now, there are some characteristics of Free Fire Pro Player, which you should know and try to make it look pro too later.

Every player in this game will want to win the Tournament easily. This time we will also provide tips on how to win the Freefire Tourment easier for FF players. Curious? Check out the article below.

Best Tips to Easily Win in the Free Fire Tournament

  1. Use Your Mainstay Character

When doing the Tournament, of course, we have to use the characters that are used as a mainstay. Because if for example we can use what we can, of course even the name Tournament can be passed quite easily.

Now there are a lot of characters in the Free Fire game, so of course you must have a character that is strong enough to use. So if for example participating in a tournament, try to use these mainstay characters.

  1. Practice Playing Skills

If for example you have registered yourself in a Tournament, of course you have to immediately train with the team in the match. That way you can master, and be able to face even quite difficult enemies.

So you can practice your teamwork skills, in ranked mode, of course. Because in this mode, the enemies you face must have different abilities. So here is one of the best places, for you to practice before competing.

  1. Become a Good Leader (Especially for Leader)

For example, if you become a Leader in the Tournament Team, don’t forget to set your strategy and team playing skills well enough. You as a leader also have to understand, when is the time to go forward and backward.

So that this will be an element of victory in the team you lead, because the better the leader, the better the performance given. For that, the leader of this team must be able to play well when competing later.

  1. Use the Best Weapons

Every team member who plays in the Tournament, must have their best weapon. Of course this relates to their role as well, if for example playing Rush, use an SMG or Shotgun, of course.

So the choice of this weapon is quite good and very important. Because then you will be easier to compete and fight enemies in the Tournament. In the future, it will definitely win, not a problem that is difficult to deal with.

  1. The combination of characters is important and must be considered

Finally, you and the tournament team members, must be able to provide the best combination of characters for each. Usually a combination like this will relate to your role, so try to use it to be able to use the mainstay combination in your role.

You really need to do this last thing, so that later the team will not experience a miscommunication. Where they will also know who is in charge of Rush, become a Tank and become a Marksman in the match.

Those of you who will soon want to join the Tournament or are getting ready to register, don’t forget to try these tips. So that later you can win too, without experiencing too many difficulties in the Tournament.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.