5 Tips for Lane Mobile Legends Rotation, ML Players Must Understand

When trying out the new mobile legends strategy, you have to understand the Mobile Legends lane rotation tips that ML players sometimes like to forget. In playing Mobile Legends, of course, maintaining the lane will be very important.

By pushing your creep further towards your opponent’s base, your chances of winning will be higher. But sometimes when the current lane is going well, the other members’ lane is not. Therefore rotation is very important.

Rotation is a change of position to another place be it lane or jungle. Keep in mind you have to go back to your lane to keep from getting pushed.

With a good rotation, you can maintain the advantage and balance of the lane. Therefore it is very important for you to understand the important things in rotation.

With the right rotation you can benefit your team. By locking the opponent’s movements and pushing the difficult lane can be the key in the late game later. Not to mention that with a good rotation you can get gold and exp benefits.

Here, let’s discuss tips on lane rotation in Mobile Legends. It is very important for you to understand even what your role is. The right rotation can give you a huge gaming advantage. Therefore, you must understand it completely.

Here’s how to rotate and some ML tips when rotating lane mobile legends:

1. Understand Your Role

Before rotating you must understand your role first. Actually, the heroes who will often rotate are support roamer, jungler / assassin, or midlaner. Other lanes will depend on the situation. If you play using marksman you don’t have to rotate too far. You just keep the lane and take some gold from the jungle.

2. Make sure your lane is safe first

Before you rotate, make sure that your lane is safe. What this means is that you have to pay attention to your lane before recklessly helping other lanes. The main thing is that you have to clean your wave creep. This is so that you will not be crushed by the lane when rotating. If you don’t clean it, you will also lose some gold and exp.

3. Help in moderation

Don’t get overextended! This is the most fatal mistake and is often made by many people. When you do, try to do it sparingly like trying to gank or harassing. Don’t be too long on other people’s lanes because you will be depositing their exp and gold. Besides that your lane will be crushed and you will get ambushed or gank when you return.

4. Don’t Force Yourself

When you do rotations, don’t push yourself. Prioritize efficiency when rotating. You guys come, help, then go home. Don’t wait too long or suck up exp and gold for too long. The reason is that you have to take advantage of the tempo by doing things that are efficient. Don’t waste time and rest. You must be a player who controls the pace of the game.

You are required to rotate to help your friends. The reason is that without a good rotation you will make your team one-sided later. It’s hard to play without a good rotation.

Rotation is very important considering it’s an effective way to get map control. Especially if you want to dominate the map movement. Don’t let your rotation get stuck because it will hurt the team later.

Those are some tips for lane rotation in Mobile Legends. By utilizing the right rotation technique, you can better manage your game and grab the tempo. You can also help friends who are in trouble, of course in rotation. Also follow our social media on Instagram.

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