5 Tips for Lightweight Installation Function for PUBG Mobile

One of the new things that is very interesting is the presence of the Lightweight Installation Function feature which allows players to adjust the size of the PUBG Mobile application on their device. So in line with that, this time PUBG Mobile provides 4 tips to save PUBG Mobile storage space with the Lightweight Installation Function and here is the complete information.

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game known for its complex gameplay. There are large, complex maps in Classic battle royale mode. In the four large PUBG Mobile maps, there will be as many as 100 players fighting in one match that has a long duration.

Not only that, players are also spoiled with the facilities provided in the PUBG Mobile game. Indeed, this battle royale game tries to optimize the UX or the playing experience for its players. Coupled with the quality of game graphics that are so detailed that spoil the eyes of players.

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Lightweight Installation Function

4 storage space saving tips

With the gameplay conditions as above, of course, the size of the PUBG Mobile application will take up a large amount of storage space. This problem makes many players disappointed because they have to prepare how many GB more to be able to update the PUBG Mobile game.

This was also known by the PUBG Mobile team and finally in the patch note update 1.1 PUBG Mobile released the Lightweight Installation Function. This feature makes players more flexible because they can adjust the size of the PUBG Mobile application on their device. In fact, reportedly the storage space can be reduced up to 70% of normal size.

With the Lightweight Installation Function feature, even potato phones can play the PUBG Mobile game. First of all, you have to be aware of your cellphone specs first. Don’t force high quality if your cellphone doesn’t support it.

Therefore, according to the image above, you have to choose a resource pack that suits your cellphone. Broadly speaking, there are two resource packs, namely the choice of low-spec resource and the choice of HD resource pack. The selection of this resource pack is based on the storage space available on your cellphone.

4 Tips for Saving PUBG Mobile Storage Space

1. Clear PUBG Mobile Data on the Device

The first tips for saving PUBG Mobile storage space is to clear PUBG Mobile data on the device. To delete old PUBG Mobile data on the device, delete or clear data first.

2. Choose Either HD Icon or Sound Pack Only in Download Section

The next tip is to choose one of the HD icons or sound packs. So these two features are only additional options that do not require players to have to use both. You can choose one of them according to the comfort of your game.

3. Download Frequently Played Map

The next tip is to download or download only frequently played maps. As we know, the one map provided on PUBG Mobile is so big and complex. Of course, that one folder will take up quite a lot of storage space. Therefore, download a map that is often played.

It is recommended to keep downloading the Erangel folder. Because in PUBG Mobile patch note update 1.1 there will be something new in Erangel, namely the presence of Erangel Metro which is an underground area in Erangel. This is one of the results of the PUBG Mobile collaboration with Metro Exodus.

4. Select a Combat Morale Resource Pack

The final tip for saving storage space is that you can choose a combat spirit resource pack. This combat spirit resource pack is recommended because it contains the latest updates. But if you want more than this, you can download another resource pack. The most important thing is to keep it adjusted to your device.

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Those are 4 tips to save PUBG Mobile storage space by using the Lightweight Installation Function feature. Update your PUBG Mobile right now and adjust it according to your cellphone specs to keep playing this battle royale game smoothly. Also, follow the excitement of PUBG Mobile’s 1.1 patch note update. Thank you!