5 Tips for Playing Duo VS Squad PUBG Mobile, How to Get Pro Pro!

Every player at PUBG Mobile must have their own unique gameplay characteristics. Not all players have the same abilities, of course, this can be seen when for example you are playing with friends and it is very difficult to win a classic mode game. Tif your gameplay and your teammates are not in line or maybe less compact. Well, this time there are tips for playing Duo VS Squad PUBG Mobile that you can use.

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There are players who prefer to play solo mode, duo mode, squad mode, solo vs squad, or even duo vs squad. Many players feel that they are not maximal when playing squad vs squad and it is more comfortable playing squad mode with only 2 players.

Meanwhile, if you look again, it is more difficult to fight 4 people with only 2 teams compared to 4 against 4. Then how do you win a squad game that only 2 people play or what is commonly called “duo vs squad”?

Check out the explanation below!

Tips for playing Duo VS Squad on PUBG Mobile!

Understand the Role

Playing PUBG Mobile in squad mode, you have to really understand the role, because the enemies you find in the game will most likely have played according to their respective roles.

Understand and master at least 2 roles when playing duo vs squad. Because you only play the two of you, so you have to double the various roles and divide them into two parts.

For example, if you are a player who memorizes and understands how the twists and turns in each PUBGM map and you have good aiming accuracy, then you can become a role rusher and observer in the duo vs squad mode.

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Accurate Aim

If you play four, it will definitely be difficult if one of your friends doesn’t have good aiming skills, so you have to keep the player safe.

However, when playing duo vs squad, you won’t have time to think about your other friends because of your small number. So, make sure your duo playing friends also have good aiming and shooting skills to make your strategy easier.

Distance Between Players

Since you are only the two of you, it will be very difficult if one of you is paralyzed but has such a long distance that it cannot be saved. Therefore, keep your distance from your team.

At least 10-20 meters is the longest distance between you, so that it is easier to give directions when shooting or faster.cover your friends when paralyzed by the enemy.

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Someone Must Master the Sniper

One of you must be someone with a high damage weapon to make it easier to attack enemies, such as a sniper.

One of you must be someone who controls the sniper to paralyze the enemy from afar so that the enemy does not fully have complete members to attack you.

Must have a lot of Smoke Grenades

We are never bored to remind you, smoke grenades are an important part of your strategy. Use a smoke grenade to open a path, block the enemy’s view of you, or just provide a diversion against the enemy.

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Based on our explanation above, are you ready to try playing duo vs squad? Good luck. Thank you for listening!

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