5 Tips for Playing Map Erangel PUBG Mobile 2020

As you know, PUBG Mobile has 4 main maps that you can choose to play. The four maps have their own characteristics that make you have to have a different strategy or gameplay on each map. This time there are 5 tips for playing Map Erangel PUBG Mobile 2020 that you can do.

Not only weapons can change your gameplay, but the map you play can change it too. For example, when you can use SMG weapons from the beginning to the end of the game in the Sanhok map, it will be different if you use them in the Miramar map.

The size of the two maps is clearly different so that the use of weapons is also different and must be adjusted.

PUBG Mobile has a default map called Erangel. Anyone who plays PUBG Mobile will definitely be given this Erangel map directly before you are asked to download the other 3 maps for free.

Then what are the tips for playing on this PUBG Mobile mainstay map? Let’s see the explanation below!

5 Tips for Playing on Map Erangel PUBG Mobile

Home As Compound

The house building in Erangel has a wide and multilevel shape so that when it is suitable you can use it as a place to defend or shelter for a squad.

However, although the houses on Erangel are comfortable to survive, there are many window holes that allow you to be shot from outside or from a distance. So you still have to be careful!

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Use AR Weapons

Because this map is not a small map, we recommend using the Assault Rifle so that it can be used for all conditions. Seeing the distance between areas and buildings in Erangel is quite far, so there will be the possibility of you fighting from a great distance too.

Shooting over long ranges definitely requires easy-to-set recoil controls, so we recommend using AR weapons for medium to long range combat if you like intense combat.

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The Hill Is The Best Place

Apart from getting more visuals or visibility, surviving in the hills of Erangel is the right thing if you want to have a compound outside the building. The hill on Erangel is quite high and wide so that it will be easier for you to reach it.

However, the enemy also certainly has the same ease of reaching the hills in Erangel, so you still have to be careful!

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A city with lots of buildings

If you are in a city or area that is full of buildings such as Rozhok and Pochinki, don’t forget to climb the roof and make defenses on the roof of the building.

And when forced to move buildings, try to move to a building that is still in a row with the building you are in, don’t move to buildings that are across or far from your previous building, because your movements will be easily followed by the enemy.

Vehicle Fuels

Because this map has a large enough area, it will definitely consume a lot of fuel to rotate or find enemy positions. So don’t forget to bring additional fuel so you don’t have to find and replace a vehicle when the gas runs out.

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Hopefully this article can help you understand the gameplay when playing on the Erangel PUBG Mobile map, thank you for listening!