5 Tips to Have Many Spectator in Free Fire (FF)

In Free Fire, there are many features that you can try to make the game more entertaining. And in every match, there is a possibility that there will be spectators watching you as you play. If you want to have many people watching you, there are many ways to do it. So here’s some tips to have many spectators in Free Fire that you need to know!

5 Tips to Have Many Spectator in Free Fire (FF)

Kill a lot to entertain the spectator in Free Fire

If you play in a match, killing an enemy can be one of the best entertainment for others to watch. If you watch a pro player or a content creator play Free Fire, their content is mostly interesting. And it’s interesting mainly because they are capable of killing a lot of enemies.

Which is why, if you kill a lot of enemies in the game, it can be a good entertainment for the spectator in Free Fire. So try to play more aggressive, to make the spectator stay to watch you play.

Be in the top leader badge

When you’re in spawn island, you will see a top badge of every players that will show the highest elite pass rank in Free Fire. By having a high elite pass rank, it will be easier for others to notice you in the game.

Use a cool bundle

If you want to attract many attention from other players, make sure that you’re using a cool bundle that will attract them. By using an interesting bundle, your character will definitely look cool if you compare it with others.

Play like a pro

If you feel like you’re good enough, you can try your best to play like a pro. If you play with interesting and perfectly executed techniques, you can have many spectators in the game. And if you’re making the right decisions all the way to booyah, then you can entertain your spectator in Free Fire long enough to make them keep watching.

Dominate the game!

The last thing to do is to completely dominate the game. In every match, there is a kill notification on the bottom of the screen that every players can see. If your name keeps on appearing, other players will wonder who is the most aggressive players that keeps on appearing. That way, you will have many spectators in Free Fire.

And that’s some tips to have many spectator in Free Fire. Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!