5 Types of Debuff ML You Should Know in Mobile Legends

For you Mobile Legends players, you must have heard the term from Debuff. Yap Dibuff is the ability of a hero or item that can have a negative effect on the opponent’s skill. Debuff itself is an important skill for the Mobile Legends hero to have.

So, here are some types of debuffs that you should know about the Mobile Legends Game. Starting from the weak to have a terrible effect.

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Types of Debuff in Mobile Legends

It is very important to know the type of debuff in Mobile Legends. So this time we will discuss the various types of debuffs that exist and their explanations.

Attack Slow

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Attack Slow is a debuff that functions to reduce the attack speed of the heroes in Mobile Legends. You can get this debuff with certain items in Mobile Legends.

The attack slow is very useful against Marksman heroes, especially in the late game. This debuff is the best counter for this type of hero Markman.

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Move Slow

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Move Slow is an effect that we usually call Slow. This debuff is usually owned by several heroes and items in Mobile Legends. For example Odette, Pharsa, and many other heroes.

Move Slow can be useful when team fights to reduce enemy movement during the war. As well as this debuff is the most owned by many heroes in Mobile Legends.


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Stun is one of the most common debuff, often used, and often found. This debuff is the most sought-after and most terrifying effect. Just imagine, with this one debuff you can’t do anything, because all your attacks can stop in a few seconds.

Many heroes have the best debuff stun skills in Mobile Legend, for example, Selena, Eudora and others.

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Reduce Armor and Resistance

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Reduce armor is only owned by a handful of heroes and items in Mobile Legends. This debuff can significantly reduce enemy hero armor. One example of a hero who has this debuff includes Karrie, Carmilla, Harith and others.

Reduce Armor or Resistance is the biggest weakness for Tank heroes. Therefore, when your opponent uses many hero tanks, you can counter them by using items with this debuff effect.

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Silence is a pretty good debuff besides stun. The difference itself is more terrible stun. The hero who is affected by this debuff can still move but cannot do any attacks.

Now in Mobile Legends, only two heroes have this type of debuff. One of the heroes is Natalia and Helcurt.

Those are the types of Debuff that you should know in Mobile Legends. Which debuff skill do you like in Mobile Legends?