5 Unique Facts of FF from Decoy Grenade Free Fire

You must know the unique facts of the Decoy Grenade Free Fire that are present, right now for the player to use. Various things that exist in the Free Fire game, do have a variety of uniqueness and their facts are quite cool. That way it is only natural, if for example all of that we need to know at this time as well.

The various things that are present in the Free Fire game are indeed quite interesting and should not be ignored. Especially what we know about this item from Free Fire Looting Player, is one of the most targeted things when competing later. But what about various unique facts, from the current looting item called the Decoy Grenade?

Maybe players who still find and use it, are also curious about the unique historical facts. Curious? just take a look at the explanation in the article below right now.

Here are the facts about decoy Greande FF that players can find in free fire to date:

1. Easy to destroy

First and one of the most obvious facts is that this Decoy item is very easy to destroy. So after being installed by us later, it will take just a few bullets to destroy it. Because indeed the defense from the Decoy Grenade is not that great.

Moreover, from things like this too, we certainly can only use the Decoy Grenade for a certain situation.

2. Last for 1 minute only

Then this item can last in the match, for only 1 minute after it is released by all of us. With so very different if we compare it with the Gloo Wall. So this Decoy Grenade will last for 1 minute, after which it will immediately be destroyed when used.

Indeed, all items issued during the match, nothing will last permanently when used later.

3. Adam’s Character Appears

Furthermore, this is the most obvious unique fact, because the clone or person who was made a shadow on the Decoy Grenade is Adam. Of course we also certainly know, Adam is one of the first characters in the Free Fire game for now and in the future.

Then all these things too, we need to know that the character and parts of this character’s appearance are indeed taken from the Default or the initial appearance of Adam’s character only.

4. Used To Outwit Enemies

Now the original function and other facts, you can use this Decoy Grenade item to distract the enemy. The neglect of this item is quite influential, because indeed the enemy will be quite fixated when he sees the enemy’s body that is standing.

If you install the Decoy Grenade while in the last zone, you can see that the item is immediately destroyed due to being attacked by many enemies.

5. Using MP5 or M60 weapons

Finally, the Decoy Grenade will use weapons such as the MP5 or M60 that are shot by it. Because this is an item that we can use to outwit the enemy, so of course the Shadow from the Decoy Grenade can shoot and make a sound for the enemy’s bait.

Even though the weapon used is good, of course it is only given to the enemy’s temple and there are no other advantages. Even dealing from damage too, it’s not that big of potential.

You can also read Rare Items in the Game Free Fire right now, we will find out that one of them is the Decoy Grenade. With the rarity of these items, finding this item is more difficult than usual as well.

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