5 Unique Ways for PUBG Mobile Pros to Use These Equipment, Unexpected!

Playing PUBG Mobile sometimes requires a lot of things to win the matches which are getting more and more difficult because PUBG Mobile players keep arriving with extraordinary skills. There is a Pro PUBG Mobile Way to Use Equipment when playing to win battles

Winning a match is sometimes also supported by external factors such as equipment that supports smartphone work or even the performance of the player itself.

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Then what are the things that are important complements to launch the PUBG Mobile game for the players? Check out the explanation below!

These 5 Tools Make You a PUBG Mobile Pro!



If you have a smartphone with a small screen and your fingers may feel too big to access all the buttons on the screen, you can use triggers to make it easier to move your fingers.

Especially if you are a player who is more comfortable playing four fingers but has a smartphone with a small screen, then the best answer is to use a trigger. No need to change the smartphone, the trigger is enough!

Thumb Gloves


Do you often miss when shooting or recoil that feels heavy even though your fingers are very strong to withstand the recoil of the weapon? Maybe this is because your fingers are sweaty or wet.

Wet fingers will reduce the sensitivity on the screen so that sometimes playing PUBG Mobile becomes less responsive. You can buy these finger or thumb gloves so that your screen doesn’t get wet and your fingers still work the way they should.

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If you look at the picture above, the small bowl is not a snack for the pro players but a bowl filled with powder. Not for grooming, but to keep your hands dry and not sweaty.

The screen is also more responsive as the fingers remain dry and smooth, so playing games will feel smoother and more enjoyable!

Small Fan


From the picture above you can see BTR Zuxxy and BTR Microboy who are doing a fist bump for their team’s success in winning the match. On closer inspection, there was a small white fan on top of their table.

The building is hot? Are they hot? That’s not the function of the fan. The fan there functions to keep the back of the smartphone cool, which is sure to get hot over time because it is used to play games for hours.

If the smartphone is hot, the game will experience delay, lagging, even the worst one can freeze! This is of course very avoided, especially when carrying out tournaments.

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Wired Gaming Headset


Do you often ask why pro players during tournaments rarely use wireless gaming headsets? The answer is because sound transfer systems are different when compared to wired or with cables.

If you are using a wireless headset, bluetooth will transfer the sound from your smartphone to your headset using waves and can produce a delay from the sound.

0.01 seconds is also valuable when playing battle royale. Of course they don’t want the sound they hear to experience a delay because it will be annoying especially if the sound is a sound produced by the enemy.

Therefore, they use a gaming headset that uses a cable so that the sound produced is more real time because the cable is directly connected to their smartphone.

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Based on our explanation above, which equipment is interesting for you to have right away? Thank you for listening!