5 User Errors Odette Mobile Legends (ML), Often Failed Ulti!

Odette is one of the best mage heroes who has complete Crowd Control, she is often used as support with deadly combol skills, now here are some of Odette’s user errors in Mobile Legends that you must know.

Playing the hero Odette is actually quite easy in a match in Mobile Legends, its gameplay mechanism is only limited to damage dealer attacks, it has great damage, and CC is very powerful to stop opponents.

On this occasion, Esportsku will summarize some of Odette’s user errors in Mobile Legends that you must avoid. So, take a look at the following points so that you can get better at playing Odette’s hero.

5 Odette User Errors in Mobile Legends (ML), Often Failed Ulti!

This is the User Error Odette Mobile Legends (ML):

Often plays Solo Lane

The first mistake in playing solo lane, you can find this in the epic rank down, usually Odette users play on exp or gold lane. This of course is a pretty fatal mistake.

Playing Odette itself is required to maintain support, and play together with tanks in the midlaner, rotate, gank and cover your team’s core heroes. So you should not play solo lane and play often to hone your teamwork.

Wrong Attack Combo

The next mistake of the Odette user is the attack combo that is often wrong. The best combo from Odette itself is to give a CC attack in the form of a stun with his second skill.

Then the attack is continued with the ultimate and skill 1 attack if the opponent still has HP, or you can attack the first skill first, skill 2, and the ultimate attack, you can also use the ultimate combo + flicker so that the attack can reach a wider range.

Often Fails Ultimate

The next mistake is often failing to launch the ultimate, Odette’s own hero has an ultimate duration that is quite long when activating his ultimate attack.

Now the ultimate will fail if you are hit by an opponent’s CC attack, or your analog is just a little bit depressed. This is what you have to avoid, don’t let your ultimate fail at Mobile Legends. When the ultimate is active, just remove it from you from the d-pad.

A Poor Position When Ultimate

Odette’s user error in the next Mobile Legends is a poor position in doing the ultimate, this allows your opponent to attack you more easily and your ultimate will fail.

Position is very important for Odette in Mobile Legends. Each attack ensures that your position is safe and difficult to reach by your opponent, for example on your team’s backline, or in the bush. If your opponent runs away or your opponent approaches you, use flicker as soon as possible.

Rarely Do Combos With Other Heroes

Odette’s last mistake was a combo attack with another hero, this is of course very important so that you can get a very deadly attack.

Some of Odette’s best hero combos include heroes like Johnson, Tigreal, Franco, Kaja and many others.

So, those are some of Odette’s user errors in Mobile Legends that you must avoid. Hopefully, the presence of the above reviews can be useful, especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. See you!