5 Ways to Counter Hanzo in Mobile Legends

Hanzo is an assassin hero who is very troublesome for enemy teams who don’t know how to counter him. It’s a little strange that when the assassin often jumps into the enemy’s back line and kills the hero, Hanzo is a hero who often lags behind his team. He is also very strong in killing but there are ways to counter Hanzo.

You can do 5 ways to counter this Hanzo hero. With the right way, you can fight it easily, it can be seen below:

  1. Pay attention to the hanzo indicator strap
  2. Always shutdown Hanzo in the early game
  3. Invade continues the enemy jungle
  4. Don’t hang out too often
  5. Use aldous

Summarized by esportsku for ease of reading. In this way, Hanzo will be very difficult to fight you when playing.

Hanzo is also the fastest farmer in Mobile Legends, making him an assassin who has very fast items and troubles his opponents if left unchecked. Even so, he has many weaknesses that can be exploited by many people and other heroes.

How to Counter Hanzo in Mobile Legends

Here we will provide tips and tricks as well as How to Counter Hanzo in Mobile Legends. He is the easiest assassin hero to counter and does not have the option to fight back when ganged up.

So, here are the methods you can do to counter Hanzo on mobile legends


How to Counter Hanzo in Mobile Legends

Hanzo is an assassin who is very dependent on his ult, without ulti Hanzo is a hero that is not very useful. Himself has a deadly ulti. By sending his ghost, Hanzo can inflict very high damage on the enemy.

But he has a weakness, namely Hanzo’s real body position can be traced from his ghost rope indicator. If you use agile assassins or fighters like Ling, Fanny, and Silvanna Hanzo it is very easy to get killed because he has no way of fighting back other than jumping into his ghost and countering Hanzo easily.


How to Counter Hanzo in Mobile Legends

The thing that harms Hanzo is when he dies. Hanzo when he dies will run out of his energy stack, without the stack Hanzo cannot use ulti. In the early and mid games, always aim for him and continue to gank, this will make Hanzo counter and make him always go looking for the stack and waste his time continuously.


Hanzo, who easily runs out of his energy stack, often looks for stacks from the jungle by eating creeps or using S2 on the lane. If you fight Hanzo, keep invading the jungle and don’t leave the creep for Hanzo to eat. This will fatally complicate Hanzo’s farm and energy. That way you can easily counter Hanzo.


If you have trouble getting Hanzo’s real body in teamfight, at least don’t get together with many heroes. This is because all of Hanzo’s skills at his ult have a deadly area effect. The gathered enemies will easily be killed by Hanzo, but the problem is if you are too far away, Hanzo is also easy to do solo kills. Always keep your distance and accompany your team. So it will be easy to counter hanzo.


Aldous is a hero who really counters Hanzo. The reason is easy, Aldous ulti can be used to find Hanzo’s real body and directly crash into him. Hanzo is certain to die because he does not have the ability to fight back to counter Hanzo.

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Those are the tips and tricks on How to Counter Hanzo in Mobile Legends. This assassin is indeed a little difficult because it often stresses his opponent. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!