5 Ways to Get Wild Core LoL Mobile Wild Rift

How to get Wild Core lol mobile Wild Rift that players can do. For those of you who are new to Wild Rift, you will know about Wild Core. For those who don’t know what Wild Core is, Wild Core is the premium currency in the Wild Rift. Unlike the Blue Motes, you can get each game and mission.

Wild Core is arguably the same as diamond in Mobile Legends and vouchers at Arena of Valor. As a premium currency there are not many ways to get Wild Core. But you can buy it at a relatively cheap price.

You can buy Wild Core in various ways. Some are easy and some are quite complicated. But in general, this Wild Core is very easy for you to get or you buy later. Having collaborated with several places to buy game vouchers makes Wild Core easy to access.

For those who are curious about how to get Wild Core, you can see below. It’s quite easy and certainly doesn’t bother you. Wild Core is very useful for those of you who want to buy skins or champions in the shop, so try to get them right away.

Buy at the Wild Rift Store

You can buy Wild Core at Wild Rif’s official shop. You can buy this Wild Rift shop at various prices. Uniquely, depending on your Google account, the exchange rate may change. This is my experience playing Wild Rift, forgetting to change the payment method and region where you buy it using dollars. But you can change it to rupiah.

In this official Wild Rift store, there are various multiples. From the cheapest Rp. 45,000 to the most expensive Rp. 739,000. Keep in mind that the price listed does not include taxes, so it can be even more expensive when you buy it.

Buying at the Wild Rift store means you will be following Google’s proprietary method. You can buy google credit in various ways;


You can buy Wild Core using GoPay which is quite popular in Indonesia. Just associate your Google account with your GoPay or GoJek account, then what will be affected is your GoPay balance.


Credit can also be used to buy Wild Core. Carriers such as Telkomsel, Indosat, and XL Axiata are very popular to use. I don’t know about other carriers.

Visa / Mastercard

You can also use Visa or Mastercard here. Which means all Credit Cards as well as some Debit Cards can be used. Just connect it with your Google account, it will automatically cut off. Personally I use this because it is easiest.

Buy External

To buy Wild Core, maybe you can buy externals because they have different exchange rates and multiples. For this method, it is not clear what websites or services have. You can use Codashop that has just collaborated with Wild Rift.

Here can also be a lot of payment options. Starting from Funds, GoPay, to pulses! Of course it can be your alternative reference.

That’s how to get Wild Core in Wild Rift by paying legally. You can use these methods if you are confused about where to buy an easy and cheap Wild Core. Just compare it in each place. Also follow our social media on Instagram.

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