5 Ways to Increase the Effective LoL Mobile Wild Rift Rank

You have to know how to increase the Wild Rift rank that is effective, to play LoL Mobile even better. For those of you new Wild Rift players, of course there are those who are still confused about the best way to rank up. It’s not easy, there are many players who have difficulty winning for many reasons. But at least we will provide some assistance as well as how to rank up.

Actually, ranking up in Wild Rift is easy, if you get the right team. If not, you will suffer or at least desperately go up in rank. But for you solo players can also rank up consistently if you intend. Naturally, it is difficult because the Wilf Rift is relatively more difficult than other cars.

For those of you who feel stuck in rank, take it easy because over time you will also be able to move up easily. Therefore, just play casually while learning Wild Rift and also read the tips below so that later you can play better and also be able to rank up later.

Esports myself has summarized 5 points that you can use right now as a way to increase your wild rift rank quickly and effectively, here is the list:

  1. Use Champion Meta
  2. Follow the assigned roles and lanes
  3. Connection is Very Important
  4. Do Your Role Duty
  5. Pray for a good team

With these 5 points you can increase your rank effectively. So, then my esports will explain the points above

Here, let’s talk about how to rank up an effective Wild Rift in order to help many other players. Even though it is difficult, it is important for you to understand so that you can rank up consistently and also reach your highest rank later.

Use Champion Meta

Even though playing Wild Rift, which is still in beta stage, there is no fully formed meta yet, you can see the tier list. For example, you shouldn’t use a champion who is fairly weak and use the strongest one.

For example: Fiora and Malphite at Baron, Zed and Ahri at mid, Graves and Master Yi in Jungle, Ezreal and Miss Fortune as ADC, Nami and Seraphine as support. These champions are very strong if you play solo.

Follow the assigned roles and lanes

Advantages of Using Champion Hybrid Wild Rift

You have to pay attention to the roles and lanes. Don’t take the champion carelessly and grab the unsuitable lane. Even though roughly all champions can fill a lane or role, use them effectively. Pay attention to the first tip above.

Connection is Very Important

Also pay attention to your connection, don’t play with a bad connection. Actually, sometimes it’s not your fault if you experience it again, the Wild Rift system that isn’t good sometimes throws it to other servers. Several times I played and was bounced to a Korean / Japanese server with bad ping, usually losing.

Do Your Role Duty

Champion Support Recommendations for Wild Rift Beginners

As discussed before, always pay attention to your roles. Different roles have different tasks. You can’t just use a champion who doesn’t match the role. The reason is because they have different duties. Always do tasks according to your role.

Pray for a good team

Now this is the most important thing, always pray for a good team. This is very important because one burden on your team can end up losing. Several times met moba players with the initials M and L who played selfishly. The jungler and mid buffs are taken, bring the smite to the lane, force the ADC to the mid, and many more.

Those are some ways to increase the rank of Wild Rift that are effective and maybe you can understand them. The most important thing is to just play and understand the basics. Besides that, playing with friends will be even better so that later it can be smoother and more comfortable. Also follow our social media on Instagram.