5 Ways to Survive Open Field Free Fire, Open And Difficult!

By surviving in the Free Fire open field, you can try to survive defeat. In playing Free Fire, position is very important. With the right position, you can get the win very easily. But there are several positions that are very detrimental, one of which is the open field. Too open and have no place to hide can harm you no matter who the player is.

Open fields are very detrimental because playing in an open field will make it difficult for you to survive. The number of unstoppable corner strikes or places to take cover will certainly be detrimental to you. Therefore, try not to play in open fields.

But at least you have some methods to survive in open fields. Many methods can help you. But still avoid playing in open fields because this will be very detrimental to you which can lead to your defeat when playing in open fields.


Here we will provide a way to survive in the Free Fire open field. Of course this can help you a little. Keep in mind that it is best to play smart. Avoid open fields and look again if there are enemies or not if you want to play open.


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When playing in an open field, the most important thing for you to remember is to take advantage of the things around you. Indeed, in general there isn’t much to cover in the open field, but at least you have to look for it. Starting from trees to used supply drop boxes, you can use them to your advantage. From here you can take advantage of small things like that.

FORCES AN Opponent To Get Out

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If you are playing in an open field but the enemy is well positioned, force them out. Doing a flank or getting your friends to flank can be the solution. In addition, you can do many other things, such as using smoke or applying pressure to your opponent.


how to survive in the open field

If you are in an open field where there really is no shelter, then you can do other ways. You can use the vehicle as a shelter which can later help you hide. Of course you can adjust the position of this vehicle depending on your needs. Can be a solution for how to survive in an open field.


how to survive in the open field

Apart from the above, you can use the gloo wall to your advantage. You can use the gloo wall in many forms. Generally you can use a gloo wall like a rotating wall to help yourself. With this you can indirectly create effective protection when playing in open fields.

how to survive in the open field – BURNING FROM OPEN FIELD

how to survive in the open field

The last effective and most useful solution is to simply run away. But when you run away there are things to remember. Generally running away using a vehicle is the most appropriate thing, but if not, you can run away. When running try to escape by running zig zag. With this you can be hard to shoot.

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That’s how to survive in the Free Fire open field. Of course it can help you when fighting in a place that is detrimental to you which can make losing easy. Always be careful about open fields. Also follow our social media on Instagram.