5 WhatsApp Sticker Applications Can Make Your Own Stickers!

There are many ways you can express yourself. Likewise, when you are chatting online via online. Not only using text, you can use stickers when chatting with someone to express yourself.

You can send stickers, emojis and animated GIFs in chatting with your opponent chattingan the.

“ WhatsApp as a popular application has a sticker feature that you can use to chat. You can even customize your own stickers to make them more attractive. You can make it using your personal photo, guys. You can use applications developed by third parties. Let’s look at the application to make the following stickers!

Sticko Text, also known as Sticker for Chat, is an application for downloading cool stickers made by StickoText.com. You can collect stickers from various categories. Starting from stickers to express special moments. Unfortunately this application creates a lot of advertisements and the sticker size is large.

  • Stickers Cloud +500 Packs

This application provides hundreds of options for downloading cute WA stickers with various characters that you may already know. This application is made by Talimedia. Some of the characters used for stickers in this application are Joker, Sonic, Pikachu, Sailormood, Voldemort and Mario. You can also find stickers from animals, expressions, celebrities and so on.

  • Personal Sticker for WhatsApp

You can use this application if you already have a sticker in PNG format with a small resolution and size. Prepare a minimum of three stickers to make your sticker pack. You can add stickers and publish them according to your name. The size of this application is only 2.3 MB, guys, it’s very light.

Wemoji was developed by Picmax developer. You can use this application for free to make WA stickers from your own photos. The trick is to add a photo that you will use as a sticker, then do it crop, add text and any other icons you want.

Sticker.ly has lots of interesting features that you can use. You allow you to find various stickers from various users. This application also provides stickers that allow you to create your own stickers. There are also various WhatsApp status templates that will make your status cooler and cooler.

So, those are 5 applications for making stickers on WhatsApp guys. You can use the application according to your wishes. Good luck guys.