6 Close Combat Weapons in PUBG Mobile You Must Use!

Team Death Match (TDM) in PUBG Mobile is an arcade mode created for players who are looking for a different experience from the usual classic mode. This mode is part of EvoGround and is available in the warehouse, town and ruins maps. TDM is available for TPP and FPP. In this mode, two teams of four players each, play against each other and the first team to complete 40 kills wins the game. Well this time there is a PUBG Mobile close combate weapon that you must use.

The TDM match duration is 10 minutes and in a situation where neither team has secured 40 kills in that duration, the team with the higher number of kills will win the game. TDM games can practice close combat skills, close combat requires weapons with a large bullet capacity and high bullet velocity. Here is a good close combat weapon for playing TDM,

  1. UZI

YT / VileDragon’sGaming

Micro UZI is a type of submachine gun in PUBG Mobile. By having a shape that almost resembles the length of a gun, the Micro UZI is a compact and light weapon to use. This weapon has a fast rate of fire with a bullet rate of 350m / s, so it can destroy opponents at close range quickly. However, this weapon is difficult to control in long-range combat.

  1. MP5K


Just like UZI, MP5K is a submachine gun which is an exclusive weapon for the Vikendi map. This weapon was made to replace Vector in the Vikendi map. This weapon is equipped with 9mm bullets. although the MP5K’s firing mechanism is similar to Vector’s, the MP5K does higher damage with lower rate of fire with 400m / s.

  1. Vector


The Vector is also a submachine gun that uses a less conventional delayed blowback system to reduce recoil, making it easy to control automatic fire at close range. Vector with low recoil and high damage is most useful in close combat. This weapon also has the most attachment slots of all SMG types.

  1. Beryl M762


Beryl M762 is an assault rifle that has more attachments than AKM and is equivalent to SCAR-L. This weapon deals slightly lower damage compared to most other 7.62mm bullets, but the Beryl M762 has a weapon speed level that is almost as fast as Groza, which is 715m / s.

  1. AKM

A weapon which is a very strong assault rifle with 7.62mm bullets, this weapon has a stronger damage ability than 5.56mm bullets and is equipped with attachments that are almost similar to the M16A4. With damage that is strong enough for each shot, this weapon is suitable for fighting at close range.

  1. M249


This weapon is included in a light machine gun which can usually be found in the middle of the TDM warehouse area. With the ability to accommodate 100 rounds of bullets in each magazine, the M249 excels at conquering at close range. Not only the ability to accommodate bullets, the M249 also produces slightly more damage than weapons with most 5.56mm bullets and with a very fast rate of fire equivalent to the M16A4.

Some of the weapons above are good weapons to use at close range, which one is your favorite?