6 Harley Item Builds, Enemies Definitely Run Away

But you also need to know that this hero can also be used as a mage hero with burst type damage because it can make your enemies die in one single combo. Harley in the current season is a hero mage that is not often used by mobile legends players. It’s not meta anymore but the player of this hero is quite a bit. This hero can be a deadly hero when using the right build.

Insane Harley Item Builds

Arcane Boots

Build Items Harley ML in Mobile Legends, Auto-Run Enemies!

The first item Harley needs to build is Arcane Boots. This shoe item is very suitable for use by Harley because in addition to increasing movement speed as much as +40, this shoe will also add a +15 Magical Penetration status to provide enough damage.

Lightning Truncheon

Build Items for Harley ML in Mobile Legends, Auto-Run Enemies!

The next item is Lightning Truncheon. With this item Harley will get an additional magical power of +75 and get an additional mana +300. It will also get a 10% cooldown and the passive skill item will be active after 6 seconds the skill is activated and will give magic damage of 5-1000.

Glowing Wand

Build Items for Harley ML in Mobile Legends, Auto-Run Enemies!

Because Harley is a hero that relies on his one skill, this item is perfect for him. The passive skill that results from Glowing wand is the burn effect. In addition this item also provides additional status +75 magic power, +400 HP, and + 5% movement speed.

Concentrated Energy

Concentrated Energy is a magical lifesteal item that is very appropriate for Harley. The passive skill of this item itself is to provide 25% magical lifesteal and each eliminating an enemy hero will recover 10% of HP.

Divine Glaive

This item is an item that will provide additional magical penetration for Harley. If you fight tanks that have magical defense high enough this item can be used to pierce your opponent’s tank armor. Added status of this item are +65 Magic power and + 40% Magic Penetration.

Blood Wings

Blood Wings is the last item that needs to be built by Harley. This item will provide additional +150 Magic power and +500 HP status. This item has a passive skill to increase 1.5 HP for every increase of 1 Magic Power.

Best Harley Battle Spell

In addition to building items, here are the best battle spells that you can use when playing Harley on Mobile Legends.


Most Harley users in Mobile Legends currently only use Battle Spells in Mobile Legends, with this spell, Harley can farm quickly and easily raise the Level.


Flameshot became Harley’s second alternative when fighting in the lane of dawn. Flameshot can deal additional Harley damage with its ability to deal knockback and magic damage to enemies. Battle Spell is widely used by hero mages today.

Harley Emblem Set

Next, to make it more painful and more ferocious in Mobile Legends, here you can also try the following emblems.

Custom Mage Emblem

First you can choose a Custom Mage Emblem with a high level of Magic Penetration. In addition to several talents that you can choose from the Mystery Shop, Magic Worship, and Impure Rage. Please choose according to your strengths.

Common Mage Emblem

Next there is the Common Mage Emblem which can provide where capability and high magic power. This one emblem can be your alternative, when fighting in Mobile Legends.

How to Play Harley in Mobile Legends

After choosing a few adjustments above, here are some Harley gameplay in Mobile Legends ranging from early games, mid games, and late games that you can apply.

In early game, you can choose as a mid laner by clearing creep first. Then, take the buff as usual accompanied by a tank or support. Playing safely and aiming for an enemy carry while farming is the best way to play Harley in Mobile Legends.

Then in the mid game, make sure Harley is roaming quickly with the ability of its 2 skills that can teleport, Harley can easily rotate roams throughout the lane.

In addition, the Harley is also one of the best heroes in ganking, with skill combos that can be relied upon to be a surprise attack, making the Harley need to be anticipated by the enemy.

Especially with a single target attack that can kill enemies in a single combo, Harley is feared by several core heroes such as Markman Mage and others. Of course with the best items you can play Herley optimally.

In the late game, you can play Harley aggressively and be the core of the attack. For Harley users, be sure to target the enemy Marksman and defeat first so the winner can be determined.

Now that’s the Harley build item that is hurting in meta right now that we have reviewed. Hopefully useful and can be a good reference for you guys. That is all and thank you!