6 Important Free Fire Weapons Easily Booy FF, Looting Immediately!

In playing the battle royale game there is one most important thing to do when playing to get victory very easily. Loot is the answer. When looting, of course, items such as weapons, armor, medkits, etc. are your top priority to get victory. There are 6 Important Free Fire Weapons to Easily Booyah FF that you have to boot when playing Garena free fire

With so many qualified items your game will become easier. Plus when playing squad free fire, you can divide roles and tasks when carrying items. And of course this will be an important factor towards playing comfort.

Here we will provide tips about the best loot in Free Fire to make it easier for your game to make it easier to play the game. Because weapons in Free Fire have levels that affect victory. If you’re curious, you can look down on the loot.


How to Become a Pro Player of the AWM Free Fire weapons

Who doesn’t know this sniper. Of the many types of weapons and sniper options that you can use, AWM is the weapon of choice for all Free Fire players. Free Fire’s important weapon is easy to shake FF, this is considered deadly compared to the others.

Having high damage, far scope, and rare enough you can bring your team to victory easily using AWM, of course. Make sure you use it with the best free fire character combination


Tips for Booyah FF in Duo Free Fire Mode

This weapon, which is quite unique in Free Fire, is included in the grenade category. This item is very useful especially when you play squad because it can manipulate the map and close the angle of the shot, very strong to use in a compact team.

Very strong to use in an open map, you can make walls to protect yourself and make your team safe.


Free Fire's important weapon is easy to shake FF

If you are asked about the important Free Fire weapon, it’s easy to shake the FF which is the most powerful at long distances, of course the answer is AWM, but what’s so strong at close range? The answer is definitely SPAS. The SPAS is a very lethal shotgun used at close range. This weapon has high damage and is easy to use and is a favorite of many Free Fire players.

Shotguns that can use automatic mode make SPAS the best shotgun and melee weapon for barbaric rushes.

Free Fire Important Weapons are Easily Booyed With HEALING GUN

An important weapon for Free Fire is easy to shake FF which is one of the winning factors when playing squad, namely the healing gun. This item is highly sought after by support players because it can help teams who are in trouble from a distance. By healing from a distance, item items combined with the Gloo Wall are very strong.

Free Fire Important Weapons Easily Booyah FF Use GROZA

The strongest AR weapon you can find. Groza has very high damage and RoF, making it one of the weapons with an absurd DPS. Groza is very strong paired with AWM because these two weapon combos can cover all distances and situations that you can take advantage of.


This important FF Easy Booyah weapon is a new weapon launched by Garena FF. You can find this weapon easier than the three weapons above. Even though it’s easier, it turns out that Thompson free fire has a terrible attack and rate of fire.

In June 2020, in our opinion, Thompson is the king of the best free fire SMG weapons. The damage and speed of bullets are the main reasons for making this weapon the strongest smg weapon today.

Those are the 6 strongest items and you must get them when looting in Free Fire. These five items are very important to get victory more easily for you, of course. Don’t forget to follow my esports