6 Item Build Faramis Full Support, One ML Team Refuses to Die

Faramis is a mobile legends mage-support hero role who has quite painful damage skills due to high scaling and basic damage. In addition, he has CC which is quite annoying because it can attract enemies towards him. But Faramis is not because it is picked, his ulti can bring the team to life and can force them to continue playing. That way, you have to use the Faramis Full Support Item Build that supports the game.

Faramis mobile legends has an ultimate revive that can bring friend heroes to life in a large enough area. Having the ultimate revive, he also has quite strong cc skills and damage. In laning support, he will make enemies frustrated by strong zoning. In teamfight, he can force the team to play aggressively and get a high number of advantages.

In this Faramis build, we will provide build support which makes it very helpful for the team. Besides that, he who doesn’t need many items can sacrifice by roaming effectively to help other teams. With his S1 and S2, ganking will feel easier.

If you are curious, below is the Faramis support build which is strong enough and you can use it at a high rank. This build is quite effective and powerful and makes it one power pick.

Item Build Faramis Full Support


Surely the support item will be Faramis’ main item in this build. With his support item, he will be very helpful in team fight and will also give a gold advantage to friends when on the lane because it will not absorb gold.


As support, Faramis will certainly be left behind from other gold heroes, therefore Wizard boots will at least help in this gold problem. Faramis does not need a farming lane, therefore, often do ganking to get gold.


Faramis’ strongest skill is his ulti, therefore he will need a very high CDR. Fleeting will be very useful because it can cut the ultimate CD by 35% of kills or assists. Besides that, the basic stat of this item is also quite good.


Next is a defense item that is fairly cheap. Faramis as a mage certainly has a low basic HP and armor stat, but he often has to be on the front lines helping other comrades. Antique will really help him with a high defense stat as well as an effective passive for him.


Having a small cellphone, he will be vulnerable to bursts. Athena will help Faramis in fighting the mage and the shield from this item is also quite useful.


Items that irritate the enemy. With Immortality, Faramis’ life will be 3. Faramis can die and activate the effect of this item, then die again when the ulti is active. Faramis can also get a second chance when hit by a burst by the enemy very quickly and can immediately turn on the ulti when alive again.

That’s the Faramis support build that you can use as full lane support and roam gankers. Faramis who is very strong in big matches like teamfight will start to shine thanks to his skillset.