6 Million Free Fire Accounts Banned Permanently From FF

Now there is news that 6 million Free Fire accounts are permanently banned by Garena FF, of course, the cause is clear. Don’t let things like this happen to you later, because in this way you will definitely never be able to play the Free Fire game again if you get banned. Therefore, for those of you who play clean, of course you are safe from being banned now.

Updates and developments in the Free Fire game now, is indeed one of the best things you can try. Of course that way you won’t be bored and you have to know that the Free Fire Anti Hack System has been upgraded. Of course that way you are sure, there will no longer be cheaters who are easy to enter or easily hide from this.

6 Million Free Fire Accounts Are Permanently Banned

Playing the Free Fire game right now is really fun and will certainly be a lot of fun. Of course that way you will definitely never get bored, to try and feel other unique things in this Free Fire game later too. But don’t forget, all of you, so you don’t use the Cheat Free Fire now.

Cheat is an illegal program that is quite cheating and can damage the game, of course something like this will have fatal consequences too. You also have to know the cause of the account being banned, because one of these things is the use of cheats. So for now you don’t want to, use this to be able to win easily.

You should also know that, for example, at this time, there are several Free Fire accounts that have been banned for using cheats. Oh yes, for those who use the Free Fire Mod APK, this is one of the things that can also get an account banned. So for now, maybe the one doing this is in one of these 6 million banned accounts.

Yup Defense and the restlessness of the destruction of Cheaters, are indeed things that we have often heard about. Garena will do this, so that the Free Fire game will be even better. Currently there are a total of up to 6 million players who use Cheats, have been permanently banned regardless of whether the player is sultan or not.

Use of Cheats in a Percentage!

Even the percentage of players who use this cheat, of course, is enough to prove which cheat is often used by these cheating players. 7% Antenna, 14% Wallhack, 40% Auto Aim, 37% Teleport and 2% other types of cheats. Of course this is the percentage of players who use cheats in the Free Fire game.

But don’t get banned, which is presented today, there are more than 800 thousand accounts that have been banned for unique reasons. They played with Cheater, then finally got banned permanently. Therefore, you must know the Risks of Playing with Cheaters in this Free Fire game.

So for now, you have to stay away from cheaters or players who play but use cheats.

The cheats that are presented in the Free Fire game, indeed there are many and attract attention. But you also have to know the big risks, if you use this cheat. Therefore, you shouldn’t forget to be able, stay away from and don’t use Cheats in this Free Fire game.

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