7 Best Character to Use in Squad Mode Free Fire (FF)

Playing video games all day long can be a fun thing to do nowadays. And there are many options on what games to play. If you want to have fun with your friends while challenging yourself in a game, you can try playing Free Fire. Here we have some of the best character to use in squad mode in Free Fire that you need to know.

We also have some tips on playing as a squad in Free Fire that you can check out here.

7 Best Character to Use in Squad Free Fire Mode

Getting to know these characters for squad mode in Free Fire can be useful so that you can decide what’s the right character for your role in the squad.

Andrew (Tank)

Andrew is a really strong character, where his skill is related to armor. His skill will enable him to reinforce his armor strength that he uses, so the armor HP will be harder to penetrate.

This way, you can help your squad to fight the enemy. Without having to worry about getting shot and lose so much HP.

Steffie (Tank)

Steffie is one of a unique character, that has a unique defensive skill. Steffie’s skill can be useful for the whole squad, since she is able to reduce the damage taken by the whole team.

Try to get to know how to counter this character, so that you can use this character properly. She is really useful for the team’s defense.

Rafael (Assassin)

This character has a really unique skill. Rafael’s skill will enable him to suppress any weapons that he uses. Rafael can be really dangerous for the enemy, if you play as an assassin. There’s even some players that said that he can minimize his footsteps sound. So his footsteps will be more difficult to be heard in case he’s approaching an enemy.

DJ Alok (Support)

This character is a versatile character that is available for you to use in almost every role. But Alok is way more dominant as a support in the team. This is because his skill can help the team increase the healing capability, and movement speed. So there’s no doubt that this character is one of the best support character to use in squad mode in Free Fire.

Olivia (Support)

Olivia is a support character that is useful to revive a teammate, with a unique skill that you need to know. Her skill will enable her teammate to have more HP, if she revives them. So your teammate can go straight back into battle without having to use a med kit after being revived.

Laura (Sniper)

The accuracy that Laura has is really high, so she is one of the best sniper in Free Fire. Her skill is really useful for snipers, since she is able to increase her firing accuracy when using a scope.

Paloma (Marksman)

Paloma is one of the character with a useful skill that you can use. It’s because her skill will enable her to save an assault rifle ammo outside her inventory. So she can save more space in the backpack for more items to have. The assault rifle is the most suitable weapon for a marksman, so Paloma is really suitable for a marksman player.

And that’s some tips that we can give you on the best character to use in squad mode in Free Fire. Good luck and don’t forget to follow my esports!