7 Best Hero Ganker in Mobile Legends

In playing Mobile Legends, certainly cannot be separated from the gang process. The gank itself is where a hero rotates to try to kill the opponent’s hero on another lane, making them very effective in killing. This time we will discuss 7 Best Hero Gankers in Mobile Legends that you can use.

Ganker heroes not only have high damage, but some ganker heroes have very strong CC, so their job is not to kill their opponent. However, helping the hero on the lane who will be ganked to get the kill. This is usually done to gank on Safelane where the hero role is mobile legends support or mid who does the gank.

If you use a hero ganker, you must be able to attack the enemy when they are not aware of your presence. You could say, usually assassin heroes can gank, but tanks and other heroes can also gank, because they have pretty strong skills.

Ganking is a very important process in gaining profits in the game. With the right ganking you can get many benefits. Use the heroes below for good ranking.

Here we will give 7 of the best heroes to gank in Mobile Legends, these heroes are very strong and effective when trying to get kills for the team. If you are curious, try to keep looking down.

Hero Ganker – GUSION

7 Best Hero Ganker

Gusion is a very strong hero from early to midgame and unfortunately his effectiveness drops in the late game. This hero is a hero assassin burst which is very deadly thanks to his combo. Being able to kill enemies quickly is an easy thing to become a Hero Ganker.

Hero Ganker – HAYABUSA

7 Best Hero Ganker

Having mobility and burst skills are the main factors for ganker damage dealers. Hayabusa can move quickly and provide high burst to single target heroes. A strong assassin this can be a fierce Hero Ganker.

Hero Ganker – ATLAS

A deadly support / tanker, Atlas has many tools in his skill set. A myriad of CCs will help lane friends when Atlas ganks and easily gets kills. He was very deadly when doing Hero Ganker to the gathered enemies.


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In a flash, Ling could move quickly, running on the wall and suddenly jumping towards the enemy became his trademark. Having high mobility and damage makes Ling an accomplished ganker to become a Hero Ganker.


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Hanzo’s advantage when ganking is that he can do it remotely. Thanks to his ult, Hanzo’s ghost can penetrate walls and give high shock damage to the enemy. As an assassin hero, Hanzo can also be the dreaded Hero Ganker.


Kaja is one of the supports that can ensure a very easy kill. When ganking, his combo can attract enemies very easily towards the team to get a kill. It’s worth getting scared if he’s missing from the map.


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If Franco is missing from the map, beware because if you are attracted by Franco’s hook and get locked, you will most likely die. Franco is a terrible ganker because he can take advantage of unwary players.

Those are the 7 Best Ganker Heroes in Mobile Legends. These heroes are terrifying and effective because they can give the team an easy kill and leave the enemy behind in gold and XP.

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