7 Best ML Battle Spells Often Used in Mobile Legends 2020

Not only are the heroes and mobile legends items the best, Battle Spell is also a must for this time. So in the following we will present some of the best Battle Spells that are often used in battles in the Mobile Legends 2020 Game.

Battle Spell is an active skill that can help you when playing in Mobile Legends. This skill can give you additional damage, escape skills, or a shield that can help you fight.

Best Battle Spell ML Mobile Legends

For those of you who are curious about what Battle Spell is the best and is often played in Mobile Legends. Here’s the complete list.


The first Battle Spell, Flicker, this Battle Spell has an active skill that can teleport in the specified direction and increase 5 Physical and Magical Defense Points. Flicker can be active every 120 seconds.

This spell can be used by almost all heroes, be it marksman, mage, fighter, tank and also support. Flicker is the best item you can use.

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Only hero specifics use this battle spell, that’s because not all heroes are suitable for using it. This Battle Spell is suitable for use by hero assassins, marksman and only a few mages.

Retribution helps you when farming, by dealing 540 damage to forest monsters and increasing attacks when farming permanently.


Flameshot is a fairly new Battle Spell in Mobile Legends. This Battle Spell can fire a light of fire at the enemy. In addition, if the enemy is very close, this spell can provide a Knock Back effect which can make the enemy retreat. Flameshot can be used once every 50 seconds.

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Aegis is usually used by Fighter, Marksman and Tank heroes. This spell can provide a Shield to a teammate for 3 seconds. Aegis is the best defense spell.


Revitalize used to be Spell Heal. However, because it is rarely used, Moonton changed it to Revitalize.

This Battle Spell is in the form of a heal area that can increase your HP and the team for 5 seconds. You can use this spell every 100 seconds.

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Execute is the first item and is used quite often. Some of the heroes who are still actively using this spell include Guinever, Karina, Baldmod, Claude and Uranus.

Execute can give 200 damage to enemies who are near it. This spell will activate every 90 seconds.

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The last one is Sprint, this Battle Spell can increase movement speed by 40% for 8 seconds. This spell can be used once every 100 seconds.

Some of the heroes who use this spell include Aldous, Change and several other mage heroes.

So, those are some of the Battle Spells that are often used by Mobile Legends players today. May be useful.