7 Best ML Magic Early Game Items in Mobile Legends, Make it Strong to Mid Game!

Early game until mid game is the time for mobile legends mage roles and magic damage to shine. This is because their damage is quite high and usually these heroes have a deadly ulti to get the tempo of the game. Therefore they must be active in the early game too.

Some of these mobile legends magic heroes have items that are very useful because they can have a very high impact later. Therefore, this item must be purchased early in the game to boost profits later.

Here we will provide 7 items of the best mage early game magic that you can use in each item build.


This item is usually purchased as the first item specifically for heroes who are very thirsty. This item will make them a mage who can play continuously without stopping because of which resources will continue to exist without difficulty. Which hero is very thirsty must be purchased.


This item provides excellent stats in the early game and has a good passive. The reason mages weren’t that strong in the early days was because they were the food of the assassins. This makes them independent and at least able to fight back. This item can be their suvival item early to late game.


Calamity Reaper will be very useful because the damage is quite strong in the early game. Damage from this item in the early game can be used as a harass tool for mages who will really annoy the heroes at the start. In lategame, of course, it will be higher.


If you use a hero who is a bit tanky, then it is obligatory to buy this item first. The clock will get stronger during your game because this stack of items will continue to get stronger, giving magic and high HP later.


Items with a very high CDR will help spammer heroes. In addition, the passive effect is very good for resetting the ulti continuously, which is very useful in the early to late game later.


Glowing is a fairly strong item in the early game and will be even more deadly in the late game because of the strong% HP burn. In the early game, HP’s stats and magic were very useful for mages, making them at least consistent against ganks and bursts.


Ice is an item that, if purchased early in the game, will often give you kills. The reason is quite easy, this item gives a slow CC on all of your skills which will be troublesome for many enemies. You can use this to get an easy kill.

Those are 7 magic items that are very strong in the early game. These items have a high impact and are very useful for heroes who need them, not only mages in Mobile Legends.