7 Best Offline Multiplayer Android Games 2020

Playing games will be even more fun if you play with friends. This is what makes the following game developers create games that aim to be played in multiplayer. So here are the Offline Multiplayer Android Games that you can play together.

Most of today’s multiplayer games can only be played together, generally using internet quotas. But there are some games that use hotspot networks like the following.

Metal Slug 3

The first game we recommend is Metal Slug. Game wrapped in 2D graphics with slide scrolling shoting game gameplay.

This game first appeared in the 2020s which was once very popular with the PS2 console. For you rental kids, you must be familiar with the coolness of this one game.

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Minecraft is the best simulation game that you can play online. This game is very popular in the World.

In this game you can build, cook, farm and fish. Minecraft can be played online or offline together with your friends.

To play it, just use a hotspot network and connect it with your friends.


Is a competitive game that you can play together with friends. This game can be played by up to 8 players simultaneously using a hotspot network.

In one game, you will be divided into two blue and red teams, then you will fight each other to throw bombs and destroy each other until 1 team remains as the winner.

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Doodle Army 2

This one game is a multiplayer combat game that can be played by up to 6-12 people with a hotspot network intermediary.

In this game, you fight together using firearms, and you can even use grenades.

Sea Battle 2

Sea Battle is a game that you might have played on a java phone. Yes, this game is a battleshop board game. You will put several ships on a board and turn to shoot a missile.

This game will be over if you lose all the ships. This game can be played together using a bluetooth network.

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Dual is a multiplayer offline game that you can play. This game is the same as the Hago game. But dual has many games that you can play simultaneously. This game uses a Bluetooth connection and a portable hotspot as an intermediary.


So the last game is Bounden. The game requires a Hp device. The two players will equally hold one end of the smartphone and then move to guide the circles that appear to stay in the center.

This game is perfect for you to play for those of you who need entertainment on an empty time and want to have fun.

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So, those are some recommendations for offline multiplayer games that you can play right now with friends. Games are of course very entertaining when we have spare time. Have a nice play.