7 Characteristics of a Damaged iPhone Battery, Danger!

The characteristics of a damaged iPhone battery are quite a lot. Batteries from ordinary smartphone use do have their own lifespan. With a smartphone battery as usual, of course there is a period of time starting in terms of quality.

iPhone is known as a good brand and also has pretty good specifications, especially in the camera section. However, the iPhone battery is known to be a little extravagant compared to today’s Android.

But is your iPhone battery damaged? Therefore, you also have to check first. You also have to know the characteristics of a damaged iPhone battery.

Given that smartphones are currently the most important requirement, therefore this battery is one of the things that is quite important for today.

Characteristics of a damaged iPhone battery:

1. Battery Inflated

Characteristics of a Damaged Iphone Battery

The first characteristic of a damaged iPhone battery is that the battery starts to bulge. The battery can be inflated or commonly called ‘pregnant’ which often indicates that the battery of your iPhone has been damaged.

Usually, the characteristic of a bulging battery is that it feels bigger in the middle than in the other parts. If your iPhone battery feels bloated, you have to replace it quickly and use the original battery.

If you don’t replace it as soon as possible, the battery will get bigger and lead to the LCD. As a result, your LCD will also be affected, namely the LCD is cracked or pushed out of the way.

If you have been hit by an LCD, you are forced to replace the LCD as well in addition to your iPhone battery. Also, if you don’t replace your battery immediately, there is a chance that your battery will explode.

Not only does it explode, if it is inflated it indicates that the battery health is very messy and allows a fire to occur on your iPhone. In essence, if your battery is bloated, replace it immediately before it spreads.

2. More Wasteful Batteries

Characteristics of a Damaged Iphone Battery

The second characteristic of a damaged iPhone battery is that the battery is much more wasteful. This is one of the characteristics of quite a lot of damaged iPhone batteries. The use of the battery also feels depleted faster than usual.

In fact, you only run a few applications. If you usually do the charging at night until morning. At this time you have to charge from evening to night.

This is of course a drawback for those of you who usually do activities outside the home. If you usually charge 2 times a day in a 24 hour period, this time it must be 3 times a day within 24 hours.

3. Die Alone

Characteristics of a Damaged Iphone Battery

Dead itself is one of the characteristics of the next damaged iPhone battery. If you are relaxing and also doing activities on your smartphone, suddenly your smartphone turns off, this has been confirmed because your battery is damaged.

This damage can be said to be in the battery indicator system or the battery cell which is already unstable. When you don’t replace your iPhone battery, this will spread everywhere to the other components of your smartphone.

One of the best solutions if you experience something like this is to do a calibration. However, the thing you need to remember is if you calibrate the iPhone battery only to increase the accuracy of the battery reading.

Not for repairing a damaged battery. So if your iPhone battery is damaged, you still have to replace your iPhone battery. Cannot be repaired for iPhone battery.

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4. Do not want to be charged

Characteristics of a Damaged Iphone Battery

The fourth characteristic of a damaged iPhone battery is that it doesn’t want to be charged. This is often a classic problem for an iPhone. Many have complained about this. Suddenly they can’t charge their iPhone.

The best way is that you still have to come to the iPhone service that has been spread, and do further check about the battery. However, it could be that your battery is damaged or your IC Charger or Battery IC is damaged.

5. Unstable Battery Voltage

Characteristics of a Damaged Iphone Battery

Unstable battery voltage is one of the characteristics of a damaged iPhone battery. Usually, the source of the electric current obtained by the iPhoen battery is 4-5V only. If the voltage received by this iPhone is much higher or lower, of course there is a problem.

It can be said that your iPhone battery is damaged, or a charging device such as IC Power and others. If you feel confused, you can use an additional application to check the voltage of your battery.

You can also download a beautiful application called Battery Life to see the voltage from the battery that enters your smartphone.

6. Unreasonable Battery Percentage

Characteristics of a Damaged Iphone Battery

This unnatural battery percentage is indeed one of the characteristics of a damaged iPhone battery that is easiest to detect. You can also see your daily usage to check more about the battery.

If there is damage to the battery, you can see your battery if it is at 60%, you can also play it starting from social media, playing light games to browsing, and so on, it suddenly drops to 40%.

When it is done charging, it suddenly increases again to 60%. This of course becomes certain because the battery percentage is not like this when doing further charging. Of course, you have to be careful because your battery is definitely damaged.

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7.Battery Health (-)

Characteristics of a Damaged Iphone Battery

Many iPhone users have complained about the battery percentage (-). This is indeed quite disturbing because you don’t know what the total percentage of battery health on your iPhone is.

You also don’t understand when to do a health check if your battery doesn’t read like this. This case usually occurs in iPhone batteries that are not original, as a result it is not read by the system on your iPhone.

However, this can also be used as an indication if the battery is damaged because normally, you should be able to check your battery health. You can also be warned that if you overcharging it will lower your iPhone’s battery health.

Just a little advice, for those of you who usually use the iPhone. If you feel that your battery has dropped, just replace it without the need for small talk. And if you have replaced the battery, you have to use the original charger too!

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