7 Hero Assassins Top Pick Mobile Legends, Popular All ML Circles

Assassins are the role of mobile legends that are very important in the early and mid games because they will become the foundation for their team. Without a good assassin, the enemy will be free to use the farm and also play safely. The assassin’s job is to turn off the opponent’s hero and also control the flow of the map to make it effective. Now, this time we have Hero Assassins that are Often Picked by Mobile Legends, which you should know to be used and popular in all ranks.

Playing assassins is actually quite easy because all assassins are given an advantage in the early game with their very high burst damage. Therefore, assassin is often the favorite pick after marksman in Mobile Legends.

Intrigued by the 7 most popular assassins, you can see below for the list of heroes;

  1. Ling
  2. Helcurt
  3. Gusion
  4. Selena
  5. Natalia
  6. Lancelot
  7. Hayabusa

These 7 assassins often appear and are indeed popular among all circles. Whatever your rank, usually one of them will appear.

Here we will provide 7 of the most popular assassin heroes and are often picked up by many people. Very popular and often appears and sometimes even becomes a fighting role in the game. Assassins who are ineffective in the early game will usually become a burden later because they will fall in the late game.


Best Ling ML Item Build for 2020 Mobile Legends

Of all the assassins available, it can be said that Ling is the best and most popular assassin. Able to lift his team if used properly, Ling is the most popular assassin today.


Helcurt is the next assassin you will often find in your matches. The main reason why Helcurt is so popular is because this one hero is very easy to use, has high impact, and deadly damage. Very effective and efficient use of Helcurt makes it a favorite.


How to Play Hero Gusion in Mobile Legends

This hero with a high skill cap is also not uncommon in the game. As an assassin who is somewhat difficult to use combos perfectly, many fans of this hero are happy to use Gusion. Moreover, this hero is often used by influencers who make many players interested.

Hero gusion itself has a perfect combo when you come to ambush enemies and kill them in an instant. Even so, not many people have mastered this gusion combo perfectly.


Weakness of Hero ML Selena mobile legends

Selena is a very popular hero in a high rank because with her, the team will benefit greatly. Selena is often used because she has a high skill cap and can also kill anyone who gets her old stun.

Selena has skills that can force you to keep moving swiftly. This is because if you just keep quiet, you will become an easy target for Selena, who continues to issue her stun. If you get stunned, don’t expect you guys to stay alive because Selena will catch you first.


As an assassin that has many uses and is very flexible, Natalia is certainly very popular. Even though it has been hit by a revamp, its popularity is still irreplaceable and unchanged. Still a favorite of many people today.


Almost all games have Lancelot and this is not without reason. Having high damage and also a playing style that is not boring, Lancelot is also able to dominate the game path. Many people’s favorite.


As one of the best assassins for a single target, Hayabusa is indeed a crowd favorite. Not very complicated to use and very straightforward making it a lot of favorites.

Especially with the ultinya which is two blades for hayabusa. Can be a distraction that ends in escaping from surrounded by enemies or becoming deadly on a single target.

Those are the 7 assassin heroes in Mobile Legends that are most often found in matches and are the favorites of many people. These heroes are not even absent in your game because the assassin users who have added many of these heroes are indeed interesting to use by ML players.