7 Hero Fighter Solo Ranked Mobile Legends (ML)

Hero Fighter Solo Ranked Mobile Legends (ML) is already used to and can play on the lane alone. Their skills keep them safe, so they don’t need help from other team members.

This makes him a very strong mobile legends (ML) solo laner in the game and takes care of the lane itself.

Fighters in Mobile Legends usually have strong skills in attacking enemies, usually this hero is on the exp or gold lane. Hero fighter also varies. Some have magic damage skills, become assassins or also have a strong role tank.

Depending on the hero you use, this one hero you can use in various conditions depending on the hero you are using. So, you pay attention to the hero you use first.

When playing ranked, it is indeed difficult to play as a fighter considering the randomly chosen team. You may meet a team that can’t cooperate, or an enemy who is too good at playing with a strong strategy.

Therefore, you also have to be smart in choosing heroes in Mobile Legends. You can try to use a hero who can play solo, and is not too dependent on the team.

The point of depending on the team, you don’t need a special hero so you can attack your enemy well. You can use heroes who attack easily, even if you are alone.

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Here we will provide tips about Hero Fighter Solo Ranked Mobile Legends, which you can try. If you are confused about using heroes in Mobile Legends, you can try using these existing heroes.

You can use the existing Hero Fighter mobile legends in playing solo ranked based on my current playing experience with meta ML.

You also have to be able to play this hero well, so you can use it effectively. If possible, you can also work with your team to increase your chances of winning.

However, there are a number of things that you should pay attention to besides the use of heroes. You also have to try to see a hero that matches your way of playing. Because, each hero given has a different way of playing.

After that, you can also try to cooperate with your teammates who play with you. With good coordination and solid cooperation, you can play with a greater chance of winning.

This is a list of solo fighter heroes ranked mobile legends (ML):


Argus is a Hero Fighter Solo Ranked Mobile Legends who has strong skills in chasing enemies, also has skills that make him unable to die for some time.

One of the fighter heroes who can defend against enemies, and can run easily.

You can use this hero independently. You don’t really need help from your team when attacking enemies, and you can use the ultimate to avoid death. However, you have to watch out for CCs like stun and root.


tips for playing Hero Masha in Mobile Legends

Masha is a hero fighter with a very high blood maximum. He also has skills that make enemies unable to use basic attacks to attack. So, you can reduce the damage you receive from the enemy.

Hero Fighter Solo Ranked in Mobile Legends this one is a little difficult to use, but has high durability to withstand enemy attacks.

The damage it has also cannot be underestimated, because the damage it has is quite high as a fighter.

Lapu-Lapu is a Hero Fighter Solo Ranked in Mobile Legends (ML)

Lapu-Lapu is a hero fighter, who can change his attack type when using his ultimate. He also has a strong movement skill in attacking enemies, with high enough damage.

This hero has high damage skills in attacking enemies. Not only that, you can attack enemies more easily thanks to the movement skills they have. Not only movement skills, lapu-lapu has a pretty strong poke skill.


Khaleed is a hero fighter with very high durability when attacking enemies. He also has skills that can reduce the damage received, and there are also skills that make him immune to Crowd Control.

This Hero Fighter Solo Ranked ML not only has high damage skills, but also high AoE when attacking enemies. He is very strong even against many enemies at once. However, you have to be careful of mages with burst damage.

Guinevere Could Be a Solo Rank ML Fighter Hero

Guinevere is a Mage / Fighter hero, who has strong poke skills with a strong lockdown. He can attack enemies from a distance with poke skills, and attack enemies up close with the combo lockdown skill of his ultimate skill.

This one hero is indeed quite difficult to use. You have to be able to play aggressively in order to attack the enemy and run away from the enemy. With the ultimate skill and skill 2, you can inflict damage to the enemy easily. Also pay attention to user error Guinevere Mobile Legends


Aldous is a Fighter hero with high burst damage. You can feel the damage it has, if you can play in the late game well from the farming you do. Because, he is very strong in fighting enemies in the late game.

Aldous is a good idea to play on the lane alone to collect the stack and do farming. When he has collected a lot of stacks, you can feel the damage he has.


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Leomord is a Hero Fighter Solo Ranked Mobile Legends who has high damage with high durability as well. He can attack enemies from a distance and chase them easily. The damage it has cannot be underestimated either.

Himself has 2 stances when playing. Without the horse, you need the right timing to use skills, so you can attack the enemy. The damage it has is very high if you use it well.

Those are tips about Hero Fighter Solo Ranked Mobile Legends, which you can try. This fighter hero is indeed very strong when played solo. However, you must be able to work with your team.

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You play as a team. So, if you don’t play well together, it will be difficult to win the game later. Not only that, you also have to be able to understand how to play the hero. Also follow our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!