7 Hero Magic Power ML Easy to Use in Mobile Legends Season 18

Here we will discuss about heroes with magic power ML that are easy to use in Mobile Legends. As we know, Mobile Legends has many heroes that you can use, and each hero has different skills. In fact, each mage also has various types of attacks. Some have DPS or Burst damage. Most Hero mages are easy to use, because their skills are linear and easy to understand.

Mage is one of the roles in Mobile Legends, which serves as magical damage to enemies. Mages usually have high damage with their Magic attacks, so that several defense items can be penetrated. However, Mage has a very fatal weakness, which is a small defense. Some mages have low defense, so they are called glasscanon. However, the damage it has makes up for this shortcoming.

There are many types of mage that you can use in Mobile Legends, allowing you to find a hero that suits your way of playing. Many mage heroes are easy to use, and there are also heroes who need high skills for maximum use. For example kagura which requires you to keep your distance, and arrange the umbrella you use. Even though it is difficult, this hero has a high potential to be used, so by playing often, you will get used to it. Coupled with heroes who have Stun, which can be used to restrain enemy movements.

The following are heroes with magic power ML that you can try, because they have an easy way to play on mobile legends:


Eudora is a mage burst hero who has high damage skills. Not only damage, he also has enough stun to help attack or run from enemies. His skills are quite easy to use, and do not have complex skill combos.


Aurora is a hero with AoE skills and a strong single target in mobile legends. His passiveness makes the enemy stunned, making Aurora a large enough Stun Area skill. This makes it suitable for Team Fight or one on one.


Gord is a hero who has AoE skills that have high damage. Gord also has a very high stun area and dps, to fight many enemies at once.


Odette is a mage hero who has CC skills and Passive damage Bounch. The hero is very suitable for team fights, because the ultimate not only provides Dps with a wide AoE, but also lowers the enemy’s Def.


Valir is one of the Mage Burst with Dps which is very sick from his Passive. He has complete escape and damage skills over a very long distance. It is suitable for those of you who play remotely.


Vexana is a Burst mage hero and has the DPS of his ultimate. The skills require a good timing and skillshot, but are very easy to control. He can mark the enemy with his ultimate, and summon spirits who can help him.

7. Cyclops

Cyclops is a hero that is easy enough for you to use. You can use this mage regardless of your rank thanks to his easy-to-use skillset. This hero is also quite strong and you can count on it.

that’s a list of 7 Easy-to-Use Mage Heroes in Mobile Legends that you can try. This hero is very easy to use, because it has linear skills and is easy to use. If you want to try playing Mage, or looking for a suitable mage. Maybe you can try the hero yourself. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!

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