7 Hero Marksman Never Played in MPL ID Season 6!

MPL ID Season 6 has now reached the weekend. Only one day left, the tournament leaves a row of meta heroes and non-meta heroes. Now, among the marksman heroes that are currently OP, there is also a marksman hero who has never even been played in MPL ID Season 6.

Marksman is a role that is not widely played in the current meta hyper carry. There are only a handful of popular marksmen like Claude, Yi Sun Shin and Roger. Apart from the hero in MPL ID Season 6, other marksman has never been played.

On this occasion, Esportsku will give you a list of marksman heroes that have never been played in MPL ID Season 6. In the previous eight weeks, of course you rarely saw the following heroes played.

The following are marksman heroes that have never been played in MPL ID Season 6 that ML players should know according to my esports version :


The marksman hero who was never played in the first MPL ID Season 6 tournament was Clint. This marksman hero is indeed unrated and is still waiting for his revamp update so he can adjust the gameplay with other heroes. The reason is that Clint is not very suitable to be used as a Hyper Carry, this one hero is rarely played in the Pick Mobile Legends Ranking.


The marksman hero that has never been played in the next MPL ID Season 6 is Granger. This marksman hero did get a quite significant nerf so he didn’t have too much damage. With limited abilities, Granger wasn’t even played during MPL ID Season 6.


Irithel is one of the marksman heroes who has a very large burst of damage, this hero has a high enough ability and is very good at attacking opponents during a team fight. But unfortunately, Irithel was never played at all in MPL ID Season 6.


Next is Miya hero who just got a revamp update in Mobile Legends. With this update, Miya has played quite a lot in the Mobile Legends ranked match. But not so meta in the MPL ID season 6 tournament.


Next there is the Hanabi hero who is a marksman hero with very high late abilities. This one hero has never been played at all during the MPL ID Season 6 event.


Lesley is one of the most agile heroes in Mobile Legends. Has pretty good visible abilities and very spicy damage, but unfortunately Lesley has never been played during the MPL ID Season 6 event.


Finally, there is the Moskov hero who is a marksman hero who has a high attack speed. Moskov itself has only been played a few times. Pro Player who actively uses Moskov is High who is a player from Aura Fire. We include this hero as an addition.

So, that’s all the marksman heroes that have never been played in MPL ID Season 6. Hopefully the reviews above can be useful, especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. See you!