7 Hero Mobile Legends Most Rarely Used Season 16 ML 2020

Currently, the number of heroes in Mobile Legends will be close to 100 heroes and two heroes who will come to Mobile Legends such as Luo Yi and Chong mobile legends will certainly increase the number of heroes you can use in Mobile Legends. With so many choices of heroes that can be used in ML, there will certainly appear a favorite and non-favorite pick.

With the emergence of the popular meta heroes that are currently busy, such as the hero role mobile legends marksman or hyper carry, of course there are some heroes who are somewhat left behind. These heroes are rarely picked and appear on your matches. In fact, rarely, these heroes are perfect for you to target to become a global top because there are not many of your rivals on the leaderboard.

Here we will provide 7 of the most unpopular heroes and rarely picked. If you pay attention to your matches lately, these 7 heroes rarely appear and are used and even almost non-existent. Even though they are rarely picked up, it doesn’t mean they are bad, there are not many enthusiasts.


Best Counter Hero Crowd Control in Mobile Legends

Now you think and remember again, when did you find people using Vexana in Mobile Legends and you found them. People rarely use this hero because the mage is currently in high competition. Top mage heroes are dominating the picks and tires.


As a hero, the two roles of assassin and fighter Lapu-Lapu are in a strange position. As an assassin his damage is still inferior to other assassins and as a fighter his sustain is only a shield and maybe the lifesteal of items. This hero is rarely picked.


Best Offlaner Hero Mobile Legends

Gatotkaca is a tank hero who in this meta cannot or is less reliable. This is because the tanks that are currently popular are tanks that can be played on sidelane and Gatotkaca often lose on the lane. Rarely played and less popular.


Cyclops is a cc mage hero that you will often play on the front lines. The problem is currently being popular with hero bursts and high damage.

Cyclops who have to play aggressively will easily die and become useless. His CC is also inconsistent. This makes cyclops too old to be used in this meta season 16 mobile legends


Another unpopular hero in Mobile Legends. Hilda is a tank that can’t withstand a lot of damage and a fighter who can’t be played like a normal fighter. There are not many hero enthusiasts because their mastery is not proportional to their role when playing mobile legends.


Actually Minsitthar is a hero who is not so bad because he is equipped with many tools from his skillset. Unfortunately, there are not so many enthusiasts for this hero. It is not clear why but it is most likely because of Silvanna, Thamuz, and Leomord who took over the throne of fighters at this time.


Finally, there is Alpha which is also unpopular and bad to use. The bad thing is that many people ask Alpha to be revamped. This is because the fighters currently competing in the top flight make Alpha unpopular and look bad.

Those are the 7 most unpopular and rarely used fighter heroes in Mobile Legends. These heroes are far from being favorite words and are devoid of enthusiasts. Therefore, many people who are chasing the global top use these heroes because there are not so many rivals on the leaderboard.