7 Heroes Who Are Feared by Marksman User Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends is a game that presents various unique heroes in it. Starting from hero assassin, tank, mage, support and marksman. For you marksman users, of course, there are some heroes that are most feared when playing in Mobile Legends. This time, Esportsku will provide the list of heroes most feared by User marksman when playing in the Mobile Legends game.

Marksman is a hero who has advantages during the late game. Even so, in the early game this one hero is fairly difficult to play, but during the late game, the marksman hero will dominate the game.

There are quite a lot of heroes who are feared by user marksman in the Mobile Legends game, most of them can target marksman quickly, like the following list of heroes.

  1. Saber
  2. Chou
  3. Franco
  4. Chang’e
  5. Natalia
  6. Ling
  7. Aldous


Saber is an assassin hero who has excellent execution skills. This one hero can attack quickly by targeting the marksman with just one strike. Saber can beat the marksman with just one ultimate.


Chou is the hero who is most feared by Marksman because this one hero can have a crowd control effect on his opponent. Not only that, Chou can also target the enemy line of defense just to target carry heroes like marksman.


Franco is one of the tank heroes with very high crowd control skills. Franco can target the marksman hero with a hook skill and then lock the hero. Marksman will be very difficult to move and usually will not survive.


Chang’e is a mage hero with a high burst damage skill. This one hero attack can be said to be able to overwhelm the marksman hero when he faces. Chang’e can launch the ultimate and make the marksman lose instantly.


Natalia who is an assassin with unique abilities in Mobile Legends. Natalia can disappear and attack the marksman hero from behind. When dealing with Natalia, the marksman hero was not safe.


Ling who has the best maneuverability in Mobile Legends. Ling can attack the enemy line quickly and easily target the marksman hero. High damage and resistance to attack makes this hero the most feared.


Finally, there is Aldous who is the Fighter hero with the highest damage in Mobile Legends. Aldous is a deadly hero in the late game. This one hero usually targets the marksman hero when it is full stack. When in the late game, Aldous was the hero most feared by marksman in Mobile Legends

That is the list of heroes most feared by marksman in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully the reviews above can be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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