7 Latest Mobile Legends Skins in May 2020, ML Players Must Have!

As we know, there are more and more Mobile Legends players, not only presenting new modes such as Magic Chess, the game made by Moonton also releases new skins every month. Maybe you must have the latest 2020 Mobile Legends skin.

Mobile Legends is indeed diligent in presenting unique and attractive skins every month, the presence of this skin will certainly increase your enthusiasm for playing games.

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Latest Mobile Legends Skins, Wajin Got!

Are you curious about the new skins this month? Let’s take a look at the latest line of best skins in Mobile Legends below.

Starlight Skin – Granger Biosolder

This May, Moonton presents a starlight skin for the Grangger hero. Now to get this skin, you can buy a starlight member and get this cool Grangger skin.

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Epic Skin – Guinevere Lady Crane

Second, there is the epic skin Guinevere Lady Crane which is the newest skin. This skin has been available since April 6 yesterday, but it is still relatively new, and you must have it.

Skin Elite – Kaja Horror Whiplash

Kaja also got the cool heroes this year. Well, Horror Whiplash is also suitable for you to have at this time. What’s interesting is that even though it’s still Elite, this skin looks fierce and cool.

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Zodiac Skin – Minotaur Taurus

Next there is the Zodiac skin which was released quite a while. However, this skin is here for resale again on April 20, that way, you can buy it back on the Zodiac spin.

Special Skin – Belerick The Deep One

Belerick is one of the strong Tank heroes. So in last April, this one hero was officially released by Moonton. Therefore, for those of you who don’t have it in May, as an ML player, you must have this cool skin.

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Special Skin – Harith Evos

For those of you fans of the EVOS team, you should try to have this coolest skin. Many YouTubers like jess No Limit and Oura are very proud to have this skin. So for you fans of the EVOS team too, you must have it.

Special Skin – Natalia Cyber ​​Specter

Now then there is the Skin from the hero Assassin Natalia. This skin is the result of a contest involving Moonton and his fans. With the concept of being an eSports Girl, this skin has been around since April 15 and is a must-have for this May.

So, those are some of the skins that you must have in May 2020. For Sultan players, it doesn’t feel bad if you don’t buy all the skins.