7 ML Counter Items for All Heroes for Season 18 of Mobile Legends

Using a Build, is one of the most important things when we play this Mobile Legends game. Of course, that’s how we now have to know, some Item Counters for all the best heroes of Season 17 of Mobile Legends are very powerful. Of course, this will make us even stronger when competing against enemies on mobile legends in the future.

Don’t forget the various other build items too, because from this we can make the road to victory easier. But also know when you are using the item, don’t let you do something fatal. Because if you have competed against the enemy, this item build is indeed a good one, especially for the counter.

You can try using these items if they match your opponent’s counter. Of course, it is very strong for your hero thanks to its excellent effects and stats. Tantalizing to use.

The following is an item counter for all the mobile legends heroes in season 18 ML this time

Blade Of Heptaseas

This first item is indeed used by big groups, an item called Blade Of Heptaseas is indeed useful when we fight tanks. Especially if for example we are dealing with a Tank, where he has a very thick total Physical Defense.

Blde Of Heptaseas will reduce 25 Points of Physical Defense, for a duration of 3 seconds. Of course, this will make the enemy with a high total defense, will immediately crash and easy to kill later.

Deadly Blade

Second, we have an item called Deadly Blade, facing all the enemies in this game is indeed important. So that we can push and win easily, but unfortunately we will definitely face enemies who use a Life Steal Item

If there are enemies using these items, let’s just use this item later. Because Deadly Blade itself will give 50% Regen HP, for 3 seconds on the enemy target. Of course this way, the big life steals will be easy to kill later too.

Magic Wand

Next is the third item called Magic Wand, previously for Physical and now moving to items for Mage heroes who use Magical Damage. The ability given by the Magic Wand is indeed quite good and very useful when doing a war team as well.

Where the ability of these items is that we can inflict great damage, and they can also get a reduction in Defense Magic. The point that is reduced is from 3 to 10, then the effect of this item is only 2 seconds and can be stacked up to 3 times.

Lightning Truncheon

Fourth, we have items for the Mage class too, this Lightning Truncheon is quite good and is indeed a mainstay for all Mage heroes. So this item is indeed quite useful, especially for those of you who are currently doing a war team too.

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This item has a Passive, where we can deal additional damage to 3 enemies for 6 seconds. But this effect will only appear, if indeed the enemy is nearby. Then from this damage, it will also increase the Mana we have later.

Devine Glive

The ability of this fifth item will make the enemy’s defense weaker when competing later. Of course, by giving the name Magic Pen, we can reduce the enemy’s HP using greater Magic damage than before.

The total Magic Pen given can reach 30% if HP is above 70%. For those of you who don’t know the Magic Pen, it is one of the terms to decrease the Defense of a Mage-type Hero.

Twilight Armor

To then enter the Tank group, yup, this item called Twilight Armor will provide a very strong Passive Skill. Of course it can make all of you stronger and it won’t be easy to be defeated by the enemy later.

This Twilight Armor will damage Pyshical heroes, reaching max points of up to 900 in just 4 seconds. In addition, the item has another usage time lag, after 4 seconds.

Dominance Ice

Finally, it’s still in the category for Tanks, yup, this item called Dominance Ice is a mandatory item for Tank Area. Because of the abilities we can get, it is quite useful when doing a team fight. Do not forget, enemies with fast attack speed will be overwhelmed later.

Passive of this item reduces Movement Speed ​​area by 5% and also Attack Speed ​​by 30%. Of course this is one of the best items, which is very useful for defeating Marksman or Hero with the greatest Attack Speed.

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Each item that is presented in this Mobile Legends game, does have a variety of other unique things too. Of course you must not forget about this, because it will help us to compete too. Don’t forget this item counter, so you can win rank in season 18 easily.

That’s all about the best mobile legends counter hero items that ML players can use, Thank you.

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