7 Strongest Finisher Heroes in Mobile Legends, Not Litter But Kill Secure

The term finisher in Mobile Legends means these heroes have the ability to finish off enemies who are dying. They are indeed favored because they have strong skills ranging from high damage and also some of these heroes benefit when the enemy is dying because of their increased damage. Well, this time there is the Strongest Finisher Hero in Mobile Legends that you should try in this game

Finisher or kill secure is often said to be “trash” by some players, but that is wrong because they are in charge of doing it, killing enemies who are dying. Even some of these heroes will benefit from killing opponents with their finisher skills. Therefore, don’t be angry or disappointed if these heroes lash out because that is their job.

Here we will provide 7 of the best finisher heroes in Mobile Legends who are very strong and also efficient in doing their job. These heroes must have at least one in your team because without a finisher you will be bothered to kill enemies who bear to die.


Martis is a mobile legends fighter finisher role that is deadly if used correctly and perfectly. His ulti will give pure damage when dying. In addition, if the opponent dies of being hit by Martis’ ulti, the ulti will be reset and also Martis will get a strong buff for a while.

Of course, this makes Martis very sick and becomes a reliable hero hunter with his buff. The more heroes are dying, the stronger the hero martis mobile legends are.


Lesley is an effective finisher as a marksman and can even finish off dying enemies who are running away. This hero has a deadly ulti with high distance and damage. Dying enemies will receive higher damage than enemies who have full HP.

So, for those of you who play Lesley, make sure you do the ulti by prioritizing current heroes and squishy heroes. This is because Lesley’s ulti has high scaling in this mobile legends game.


Balmond is a strong fighter tanker because of his high damage. But the thing that makes him strong is that Balmond has an AoE finisher, very strong in teamfight. He can kill many opponents at the same time attack with a very painful Balmond ulti.

What’s more, if Balmond is full item, you can kill many squishy hero enemies like marksman and support with the HP bar still 1/2 with only the ult. This makes Balmod a reliable and preferred mobile legends finisher for players.


Aldous is a deadly fighter finisher hero because he is indeed required to litter kills. The reason is Aldous’s deadly hit skill if killing an opponent will get a permanent stack of damage, if Aldous is always given this stack, he can kill his opponent in one hit.


Dyrroth is a strong 1v1 bruiser fighter hero because it is a skill set that benefits. He has deadly high damage, especially Dyrroth who has a dangerous finisher skill because he can kill his opponent quickly.


Helcurt is an assassin hero who has a very high burst and is indeed useful as a finisher. Helcurt has hit damage and sick skills and should kill opponents with his burst finisher skill.

Plus the ult that blinds all enemies of mobile legends. This allows the helcurt to catch up with confused opponents in determining the direction behind the base or doing a counter attack.


Granger is currently the most powerful marksman in Mobile Legends. He has high and deadly damage, besides that Granger has a deadly finisher from his ultimate which can kill opponents from afar.

Those are the 7 best finisher heroes in Mobile Legends who are very deadly and strongest today. These heroes are required to get a kill in any way because they will be very helpful and benefit the team later, especially in team fight.

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