7 Strongest ML Assassins When Teamfight in Mobile Legends 2020

Playing as an assassin in Mobile Legends is sometimes a little difficult. The reason is that in the early and mid games they have to be active often and if they fail it will give the opposing team an advantage. In lategame they also usually fall because the scalign is not very good and is not effective in team fight.

Not all assassins but bad when team fight because some of these heroes bring quite useful tools and skills. They can also fight in team fight like a fighter and can deal high damage.

Here we will provide 7 of the best assassins that you can use in teamfight Mobile Legends.


Natalia is probably the best assassin right now who is very useful in teamfight. The reason is because Natalia has very useful skills such as slow, silence, and anti-physical. Agile movement is also very helpful when moving places.


Lancelot is a very strong assassin when dueling and also in teamfight. He can inflict high damage to all opposing heroes and can also shoot and kill targets efficiently.


Helcurt is probably one of the most helpful assassin heroes in teamfight besides Natalia to her team. The reason is because Helcurt’s ulti can even be used as a teamfight initiation skill. Helcurt who has fast burst damage can also move places well, besides that his silence is also deadly.


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If Helcurt and Natalia are assassins who help the team in teamfight, then Ling is more like Lancelot. Ling as an assassin can fight efficiently in taemfight and can even level the opposing team if supported by his team.


Lapu-Lapu is a hero fighter assassin who is very strong and has high sustain. He can compete against other fighters without problems. As an assassin, he can fight on the front lines without a problem if supported by his team.


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Selena is a mage assassin who is very strong in teamfight because of her skill set. Selena is even very helpful for the team because she has a deadly stun if used correctly. In addition, Selena has traps and bursts that can compete with other heroes.


Alucard is a fighter assassin who has high sustain, he doesn’t even have to bother fighting on the front lines thanks to his ult. As an assassin, Alucard has a style of play that is more suitable for a bruiser, therefore in teamfight he is very strong.

Those are the 7 strongest assassin heroes in teamfight that can be played effectively without problems. Often getting a stigma if the assassin is very bad, especially in the lategame teamfight, these heroes prove that this is wrong.