7 Tips for Using Valir in Mobile Legends, Mage ML Hurt

Valir is currently a mage hero who is in a very good position. He can be said to be the role of mobile legends mage that has the best advantage in meta because of the many sustain heroes that have sprung up. Therefore, Valir’s skill set benefits greatly. This time there are 7 tips and ways to use Valir in Mobile Legends, Mage ML that is sick and messy that you can do.

He is very good when fighting tank heroes because of his passive skill and the effect of Valir’s mobile legends, which gives a high enough HP damage continuously. The decline in the popularity of assassin heroes is also an advantage.

These 7 ways can make Valir super easy to use. Tips for using it can be seen below:

  1. Don’t be afraid to spam skills
  2. Take advantage of kiting
  3. Ulti to remove CC
  4. Take advantage of Combos
  5. Don’t Miss when Ulti is On
  6. Skill range increases Due to Ulti
  7. Stay away from hero silence

This has been summarized by esportsku so that you can read it more easily. With these tips, hopefully you can play Valir better.

Here we will provide 7 tips on using Valir and also the keys to fighting common heroes and explain the points above


Valir is a hero who in the early game is easy to lose, but when you buy which shoes you don’t need to be afraid because Valir will almost never run out of mana. In lane spam, keep your S1 on the enemy to do zoning and harass which is annoying.

Valir, who is not very strong at farming, must at least make the enemy unable to last hit. He has a dangerous skill set in zoning. 7 Tips for Using Valir in Mobile Legends, one of which is your spam skills.


Don’t be afraid to fight melee heroes or enemies approaching you because Valir is very strong in kiting, especially against heroes who don’t have good mobility. Valir with his S2 is able to push the enemy to a far enough direction, this is very important in maintaining distance.

S1 Valir can provide stun too, especially deadly when the ulti is active, so enemies who are trapped in the Valir combo can be stun-locked. Even though you are prone to bursts, don’t be afraid to play aggressively.

7 Tips for Using Valir in Mobile Legends – YOUR ULTI IS PURIFY CC

The thing that makes Valir in the top mage is because of his ult. Many don’t realize that Valir can use the purify / purge effect when the ulti is activated. Valir can escape from CC like stun and slow and fight back.

Keep in mind that Valir’s most powerful enemy is actually silence because Valir cannot use ulti to escape silence. 7 Tips for Using Valir in Mobile Legends, ulti is very important.


Valir is a strong hero because his combo can make enemies very sticky and difficult to move. With a deadly combo in S2 -> S1 -> S1 the enemy will be exposed to very high damage.

Combo Valir is life for Valir, when you spam skills, don’t forget to do the combo. because if not, you will be CCed by your opponent in no time.

DO NOT slip when ULTI is ON

7 Tips for Using Valir in Mobile Legends

The thing to remember when the ulti is active and you want to issue Valir’s deadliest combo is not to miss. Combo S2 -> S1 -> S1 -> S1 -> S2 can be used continuously with two conditions. First is that S1 nothing is wrong, second is that Valir must have a sufficient stack of ult.


The most important thing is that all Valir skills increase in range when skills are active, especially S1. Valir can provide high damage from a very far and safe distance. This is very difficult to overcome because the enemy is increasingly difficult to get close without swallowing a lot of damage and CC. These 7 Tips for Using Valir in Mobile Legends will be very useful for you.

7 Tips for Using Valir in Mobile Legends – AWAY FROM HERO SILENCE

7 Tips for Using Valir in Mobile Legends

As already said, Valir is very weak when it comes to silence. He is a hero who is almost useless when dealing with silence heroes like Helcurt. Valir therefore usually has to play a little late when joining team fight and make sure that enemy silence has been used.

Those are 7 tips on how to play Valir, which is the most effective in Mobile Legends. As a mage hero who has the highest damage in the game Valir, he cannot die first in team fight because he is a team damage machine.

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